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Re: Need Help --- Very Strong Team

What stands out straight away is the use of XAVI as a target man. He isn't in an advanced enough position to play that role in my opinion. Fabregas, or at a push, one of your wingers could be used as a target man.

I wouldn't use a target man in that system. With that abundance of quality, I'd consider slowing the game down to NORMAL, change the passing to SHORT and drop the OFFSIDE TRAP. This should give you plenty of possession, and with quality players like you have, you will have more of the ball, and should create more chances. As for Messi, I've had success with him playing him as the number 9, him as target man, and I used the tactic USE TARGET MAN, which led to him having/scoring most of my team's chances.

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Re: Need Help --- Very Strong Team

sup all check this I have a problem with one very strong team ' date=' i control Barcelona and I have the strongest team in my gw and I believe in most other when its looked , I tried to change tactics only in friendly games but In domestic games i always keep same tactic and i have a problem too but again the tactic i use bring wins in the league , though that's not enough , because against much weaker teams i have fewer shots and greater possession of the ball like barca usually works . I won the league and to be honest i m not satisfied with it and I feel that with this team i can do much better , so I beg someone to help me manage to put together a perfect team .sometimes i put on the player ratings sometimes by age and sometimes in form and morale but i always put players with 100 % condition. Now i think my formation and tactics do not serve well , actually I'm sure , well before I played 4-2-3-1 and I had the same problem with minimal winning goal difference , goals receive too much etc etc. ..so here's my team i hope u ll see something useful to help me :D


first 11 : 4-3-3 wings

Gianluigi Buffon 94 gk

94 days alves rb ( dart down ( forward) )

Daniele De Rossi 94 df

Sergio Busquets 95 df

Giorgio Chiellini 94 lb ( dart down ( forward) )

Xavi Hernandez 96 dm ( arrow up ( back ) )

Zlatan Ibrahimovic 96 cm-right

Lionel Messi left 99 cm-left

Franck Ribery 96 rw > ( right arrow ( right) )

andres iniesta 97 lw < ( left arrow (left ) )

Cesc Fabregas 95 f ( top scorer )


Tim Howard 90 gk

Neven Subotic 92 df-c

Carles Puyol 92 df-RLC

Robin van Persie 95 f-RLC

sergio aguero 94 f-RLC am-c

David Silva 94 am RLC

Radamel Falcao 94 f-rlc

reserves :

Gareth Bale 94 am RLC

Andrea Pirlo 94 dm-c m-c

Junior Neymar 93 am,f-RLC

Nemanja Vidic 93 df-c

Bacary Sagna 91 df-r,c

coreira Adriano 91 df,dm,m,am-rl

team instrucitons :

tackling : aggressive

passing : Mixed

tempo : fast

Mentality : Attacking

Attacking Style : Mixed

presing: all over

game style :

tight marking


the man behind the ball

trap for offside

players instruciton :

Captain Gianluigi Buffon

free kicks : Franck Ribery

Playmaker : Xavi Hernandez

Penalties : Lionel Messi

Corners: andres iniesta

- target man : Xavi hernandez -

I need help quick , although i m winning I'm not satisfied I tried Messi as a striker but hes not scoring goals but Fabregas is scoring and it suits me just to score some but need help so please help qucikly ... ( i have 106 reputation ) only those very experienced and with high reputation please help me URGENT!!! :)[/quote']

Try a 3-5-2 with a very attacking mentality.

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