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Andre Ayew


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Player name: Andre AYEW

Age: 17yrs

Born: 17 December 1989

Nationality: Ghanaian

Position: Striker/Winger

Rating: 74

SM Value: £380,000

Came on a sub at the weekend for his club, Marseille.

He started last nights champions league game against Porto and played over 75 minutes.

A free agents in most setups, therefore available for only 300k.

Likely to go up into the 80's at his current rate.

For nostalgia purposes, I can also tell you he is the son of the African football legend Adebe Pele.

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Re: Andre Ayew

There is not a Player Talent scout thread on him. So what have you found when searching that I haven't that is relevant to this thread' date=' and why do you mention this?[/quote']


All Ready Mentioned in The player Talent Scout Section by tatepatsfan.

For some reason it comes up as database section but is actually in player talent scout thread.

Also pretty sure there was a differnt thread just on him , that i cant find (was it deleted ?) that someone else created.

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Pelé's SON- André Ayew

My Cousin gave me a tip off bout this guy and I did a bit of research on him... and It's Ghanain Abedi Pele's son not the Brazilian..


Name: Andre Ayew

Club: Fc Lorient On loan from Marseille

Position: Wing/Forward



D.O.B- 17/12/89

Height: 5 Ft 9.5

Andre is rated 84 on Sm.

He began his career at fc nania in France under the Guidance of His father Abedi. But good performance at Fc Nania and at a U.19 youth cup, made Marseille make a swoop for him. He is predominatly left footed but is considered both footed on SM. When He made his Marseille debut in a pre season friendly, Then manager Albert Emon praised him for his good performance.

He has found chances hard to come by for Marseille and was loaned out to fc Lorient for 08-09 season where he played 22 games-(Starting 8 and coming on in 14. and scoring 3 goals with 2 assists.

He has not gone unnoticed by big clubs as Arsene Wenger was sniffing around Ayew with reportedly a 5 million pound offer for the marseille player although nothing materialised and he didn't move.

He has already got 15 caps for the Ghanain First team in which he was called up by manager Claude Del Roy after a string of promising performances with the U.17's and U.19's.

Andre is keen to outdo his legendary and iconic father and said(Quote) " Every father wants his son to follow in his footsteps and if God permits I want to better what my father did for our country and Africa. "But if the country that my father did everything for doesn't give me the opportunity, I have to respect the French coaches who have shown confidence in me".

Andre is a very quick striker although he needs to work on his finishing, He makes intelligent runs but his touch needs to be worked on.

He will probably be a more of a long term player and will probably end up with a rating of about 90 in a few years depending how he continues to develop.

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Re: Pelé's SON- André Ayew

Has been mentioned before' date=' and is fairly well known:


Great post though.

Good post Greener-09, better than the ones preceding it.

When you click that link, that thread has a link on it to a thread going back to May 1st 2007! But tbh its not really a thread on Ayew, its on Taarabt but someone mentioned Ayew.

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Re: Pelé's SON- André Ayew

How come when I searched him i neva seen athread dedicated to him???

Ps. How do u delete athread?? Eg. This one

No! All the info on here, don't delete it. I'm merging it with the others. Thought I had already dont it, but I might just have merged the three other :confused:

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