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Need Cheap Risers ASAP!!!


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Re: Need Cheap Risers ASAP!!!

;2893041']Hey guys... (Im back! ;) )

I took over a Ceara SC squad in a new Game World so the squads up to date.

I need to transform it to try rise up the divisions' date=' can you help by giving me some cheap 70-80 youngsters that are gonna rise as soon as possible.[/quote']

Bonazzoli,Wilson,El Haddadi,Asensio,Nathan

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Re: Need Cheap Risers ASAP!!!

Basically, I search for

Min Rating 75

Max Age 18

Max Price 500k

Then I go through each and every player, any position, and do a quick google search to see if they get great reviews.

If reviews look good, I would then see if I can see any good clips on youtube and search for their progress on the Transfermarkt Site.

Good Luck

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Re: Need Cheap Risers ASAP!!!

Sinkgraven (Heerenveen, Netherlands u21)

Danilo (Braga, Brazil u21)

Both midfielders...... playing every game for their club. Sinkgraven H'veens best player already. Next transfer window he'll make a move to Ajax(most likely)/Feyenoord/PSV ........ that's what we (the dutchies) expect .


. New playmaker of the dutch national team within 2 years. B)
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