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My Leeds Story Gold Championship 396

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Basically on my return to Gold Championships, I decided to pick up Leeds United and in recent Gold Championships I must admit this side is possibly one if not my favourite sides I own, I have been on this game since 2006 and I admit that Gold Championships are not as 'Elite' as those previous to like 2008, I love this game and although its a shadow of its former self, I will probably continue to play the game for some what many more years as im only 2 years of the 10 year mark when I started I was 11 and i'm still here at 19 nearing 20 years of age, probably quite sad..But with working full-time now having a Fiancee and a beautiful beautiful little 4 month old Girl Penelope-Rose Lorna May Justice, most of my time is spent on more important things but I still spare somewhat a bit of me time which is relaxing and just making transfers and that on here which I really enjoy or going on my way to work I log on, or after work such as now logging on and relaxing before going back to work tomorrow, so here is my plan, I intend on updating this thread with regards to my squad, results, transfers and all that jazz for my Leeds United side in Gold Championship 396, if people read and enjoy it great if not I shall enjoy creating each post. So basically the season is rather far in now, its still the first season and I've drastically changed my Leeds side and I'm trying to create a great side like Leeds had during the period in the early 2000's and late 90's, With players in my Squad as good as Florenzi(89) of AS Roma and such. I have really enjoyed building this side and Intend on creating some fun posts keeping everyone up to date on my side and what is occurring whilst I'm at the club! As previously said though working full-time and my amazing family take up a lot of time so if for some reason people decide they really wont to read each post and enjoy it there will be posts as frequent as I'm free to make them ha, as rent and bills do not pay there own way ha that takes me working 60 hours a week with 10 hour shifts six days a week, but I love my life more than anything in the world, anyway onwards and enough of blabbing on about things I know people will be bored of reading and on to the fun and exciting story of my Leeds United side. It all began on the 7th of January 2014.....

Justice took the helm of Leeds United in the Championship. He had pre-season to contend with first with games against sides such as Bahia, Oxford United, New York and a couple other league one and two English sides. But the big game was the first of the season when Justice hadn't really put his mark on his squad, when his side hosted Birmingham City where he would look to build his platform at a club which had been through a lot in the past 5 or so years of playing League One football and having minus points at one point looking as if the club may even cease to exist, but a comfortable 3-1 win Justice was off to a great start and following that a 7-0 drubbing of nearby York City made a sweet start for Justice in his rein at Leeds United. We went on to win many of games and now we sit 3rd in the Championship behind a strong Middlesbrough and only behind second placed Wigan Athletic on goal difference, as we look to gain automatic promotion to the elite English Premier League, which in Justice's and the owners plans is way ahead of scheduled. Which is much to the delight of both Club, Fans and me the manager! We have a very strong squad which has been put together by Justice.

We have played a total of 35 league games so there are only 11 remaining, so it'll be an exciting end to the season as we look to gain promotion whether in be via the Play-Offs or via Automatic promotion either way we have had a brilliant season and if all else fails we will just push for promotion again next season. So I've gone on about all the changes well there has been many with a total of 61 with both players leaving and joining as well as players who joined leaving in the same season. We have a brilliant roster now, with players who wernt quite right for the club such as Lica, Nyland and other joining and leaving in the same season but also getting rid of players who just were not really a part of the big plan despite there brilliant talent such as Ross McCormack and Lee Peltier. We now find ourselves with a brilliant set of young and yet well travelled set of players capable of competing in every competition we have been in this season.

Here is the current squad:


Heinz Lidner(85)

Anthony Mandrea(75)


Lucas Mendes(87)

Tomas Kalas(86) (loan)

Robin Knoche(85)

Oliver Sorg(87)

Hrvoje Milecevic(80)

Ribiero Dodo(85)

Josh Passley(75)

Declan John(80)


Josip Radosevic(82)

Rani Khedira(80)

Remi Walter(75)

Alex Mowatt(77)

Diego Poyet(76)

Chris Dawson(75)

Memphis Depay(87)

Alessandro Florenzi(89)

Kevin Kampl(88)

Adnan Januzaj(85)(loan)

Hakan Calhanoglu(84)

Fede Cartabia(84)

Nick Powell(83)(loan)

Adama Ba(80)

Sung-Woo Ryu(77)

Josepth Minala(76)

Bilal Basacikoglu(82)

Lucas Ontivero(78)


Diego Rolan(85)

Sam Gallagher(76)

Moussa Dembele(76)

Andreas Wiemann(87)

So as you can see still a lot of work to go, with Kevin Volland set to join hopefully got an accepted bit from unmanaged but you never know what can happen in the next 24 hours! We have a completely changed squad however many more changes are expected to come in the foreseeable future! We expect to build a stronger side should we gain promotion to the Barclays Premier League or even if we dont in order to get there within the next couple of seasons. We have has some very stand our stars this season. However due to many changes and even recently stats don't really reflect the best players we have at the club. But here is a little about Alessandro Florenzi possibly the best player at the club.

Alessandro Florenzi(89)


The very very talented Italian International was in a shock move to Turkey where he Joined Fenerbarche SK from AS Roma before a change in management led to his exit after he expressed his desire to leave the Turkish side. So with that be said many clubs such as Internazionale began to start a bidding war on the player but much to the shock of many people in and around the footballing world the 22 year old decided his destination would be Elland Road and Leeds United for a fee in the region of £11million. Which Justice Believed was a complete bargain for such a talented player and was so pleased to be able to sign such a talent. Florenzi has been a key player since joining scoring a number of goals and being involved in many others. The Italian is a quality player and he has shown his pure talent and ability thus far this season.

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