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What to do with Courtois...

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Hello, I have Courtois currently and Neuer (both bought from low ratings and brought up buying neuer for 12m and courtois for 5) but now has come the time to decide on the best future for my club. These are some options I have thought about, feel free to put your own input

1- swap courtois for a similar rated player, although not many transfers occur now in the world, so players I could get are the likes of oscar, koke etc.

2 - renew his contract for 10m +400k a turn.

3 - wait till the madrid manager and barca managers keepers start to drop (valdes and cassilias) then try and get a deal as courtois could get 93 by then.

4 - keep courtois and sell neuer for a real big talent

Some offers I made which were rejected..

Courtois for kroos

Courtois+aguero for neymar

Courtois+bastian.s+isco for hummels

Courtois+aguero for alaba

You can see the deals that are being rejected, and thank you for taking your time to read my question!

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Re: What to do with Courtois...

might be a bit late but if possible id play both keepers in rotation, then prob sell neuer in the next 2 years sometime :eek:

those deals rejected are insane did you seriously make an offer of bastian isco and coutios for hummels and it was rejected? why did you make such an offer like that, your just as insane :eek:

neurer is close to 95 id say, won't be long till courtios get 93/94 either tough

i have nuerer courtios in one of my stronger teams, but not at the stage yet that i need to renew courtios contract, but if nuerer is still at 94 i might just rotate him and nuerer

i wouldn't want to let go of courtios tbh

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Re: What to do with Courtois...

Thanks for the reply :) its not to late. Reason I made that offer was my defence really could do with a strong reliable young player, where as my midfield is more than full of them.

I will keep them both for now, and if it comes to it pay off the concerns

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Re: What to do with Courtois...

There is no reason to keep two 88+ rated keepers, as the backup one will get concerns about not playing. And if you try to rotate them you will get both concerned.

Neuer >>>> Courtois

Also Neuer is relatively young (28 years old) and he can play at top levels for many years. Keep Neuer, you don't need Courtois.

In short:

1) get a 87- rated young promising keeper as backup for Neuer.

2) Sell/trade Courtois to improve your team in other area you need more.

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