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The lions of Cyprus


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So I have a team in the Cypriot First Division, AEK Larnaca, that I want to rebuild and retool. I also want a team that can win a SMFA Champion's League spot (top 3) next season. I need to shed some wages and I want to rebuild my midfield and get a new goalkeeper.

Here's the current roster:


Brad Friedel (Transfer banned) Rating 88, Age 42, Value 3.4M

Nicolas Ratti Rating 75, Age 20, Value 360K


Loukas Vyntra (CB/RB) Rating 87, Age 33, Value 3.5M

Sanel Jahic (CB/RB) Rating 83, Age 32, Value 1.7M

Maciel Lino (LB) Rating 85, Age 36, Value 2.1M

Didier Digard (CB) Rating 87, Age 27, Value 4.4M

Djakaridja Kone (CB) Rating 84, Age 27, Value 2.5M

Stergos Marinos (LB/RB) Rating 83, Age 26, Value 2.1M

Defending Midfielders:

Leandro Salino (CB/RB) Rating 88, Age 29, Value 6.4M

Attacking Midfielders:

Sotiris Ninis (CB/LB/RB) Rating 87, Age 24, Value 4.9M

Issey Nakajima-Farran (CB/LB/RB) Rating 82, Age 29, Value 1.5M

Andreas Ivanschitz (CB/LB) Rating 88, Age 30, Value 6.2M


Helder Postiga (CB), Rating 88, Age 31, Value 4.4M

Kyriakos Pavlou (CB), Rating 80, Age 27, Value 920k

Georgios Samras (CB/LB) Rating 87, Age 29, Value 4.0M

Silvestre Varela (LB/RB) Rating 89, Age 29, Value 7.3M

Richardo Quaresma (LB/RB) Rating 87, Age 30, Value 3.8M

Abdul Ajagun (LB/RB) Rating 82, Age 21, Value 2.1M

Here's what I'm thinking, sell my oldest players and Friedel. And use the proceeds to upgrade the midfield, focusing on youth and prospects. Use the left over cash to improve the youth team from the free agent market, which is the closest thing we have to an academy system in this game.

I have put in an offer for Diego Costa and I have already bought Domenico Criscito, Felipe Melo, and Burak Yilmaz earlier in the season. I have an offer for 6.8M for Ivanschitz.


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