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Help with 94 players getting poor ratings

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Hi Chaps

My Team is as follows (first team)


Marquinhos Varane Godin

Piszchek pogba sweinsteiger Bale


eto cavani

i play a 3-4-1-2

Majority of game against unmanaged teams i seem to lose/draw after getting promoted through playoffs last season, now i recently read that if my keeper is getting bad results it could be due to tactics (oposition shots) So iv changed my mentality to normal (from attacking)

I have moved from a 352 to this 3412 formation and bale seems to never get higher than a 5/6 iv tried playing mixed attacking style, down both flanks, down just the left flank for bale and he only ever seems to ge theselow averages.

Any idea what i can do to change it up so that he performs at least a wee bit better?

Team Instructions

Tackling Style - normal

Mentality - normal

Passing Style - direct

Attacking Style - through the middle

Tempo - slow

Pressing - all over

Play Style


Men Behind Ball

Use Playmaker (suarez)

Any help would be awesome thanks

(already posted this in help with players thread and dont know how to move it?)

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Re: Help with 94 players getting poor ratings

I would have the game instructions set as normal for a start.

Then you could experiment by making 3 subs at half time, unmanaged teams don't make subs.

If any of the above combination doesn't work then keep the game instructions as normal but make 1 change like, using All Over pressing or Fast tempo.

Nothing special like hard tackling or men behind the ball etc.

Let me know what happens after a few games.

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