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New layout is so bad. The tiles look cheap and childlike, while simple things that took a click now take 4 or 5 to get to. For example, why do I now have to see the fixture and the star players before I pick the team - err I know who my star players are. Substitutes are now all together with the first 11 making it more difficult to select. 


Then there's the player positions. Players that play on the wing now come up as Amber, so for Full backs who use to play well on the side of a 3 man defense.


Really bad. I feel like I don;t want to play this anymore if it stays like this. I've been a paid member for 2 years and I want my money back!


I think the develops should fix he app rather than the desktop game interface. If I'm on my phone I click play as desktop rather than the rubbish app!


Developers fix or I'm gone!


Another member of the "GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE" generation...boo hoo, your wingbacks can't play in a three man defense perfectly...like real life....ADJUST YOUR TACTICS.

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IS there a plan to get rid of the (For me most annoying and pointless thing in the game) chairman valuation when you are trying to add a player in a px deal. What on earth is the logic for the chairma

Re: New Improvements This new layout is horrible ! How can I have the previous layout ?

Re: New Improvements

What an appalling effort to improve the game.

Match engine and other technical parts might well turn out to be an improvement but the irritation of playing the game makes them a waste of time.

Takes me a lot longer to do what i used to do, watching the match is painfully slow now and everytime i change pages, it takes 5/6 seconds to load the new page and i now find i can't see everything i used to on the page, forever scrolling up and down where i never used to.

I now no longer have the time to look after all my clubs so i will have to cut down and if others do the same, it will mean the end of a lot of gameworlds that were doing very well yesterday.

Stephen, in your next meeting, please tell everyone how SM have made a mess of the new improvements. Perhaps looking at it from our point of view could be a unique starting point for the company. 

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WTH did i wake up to?


the new interface sucks real bad. some of the obvious things i really hate


1. i need to do multiple clicks to get what i want. in the past, 1 or 2 clicks and it is done


2. where is the saved tactic option? it is gone


3. it is so hard now to swap players in tactic mode. arrgghh


4. wth now all the attacking midfielder that used to work on the old position are now deemed not suitable? this is really really stupid


Attacking midfielders woulddn't play wing back roles perfectly in real life...what's your point? Do you want the easy way out?

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I agree with the comments on the looks, it does look quite cheap (tho I'm sure the goal was to make it look all fancy and flashy, sorry). I think we should all try to look past that tho, real improvements should be made to the actual game play, so give it some time and discover all changes first. I did however rapidly discover some bugs and some changes that I disagree with, not sure where to post them in this pretty new forum but I'll give it a go.


  • After I delete previously set substitutions, the whole page becomes unclickable. I have to refresh or return to get things to work again.
  • Homepage does display that you have new club messages, however very unclear, and it's not saying how much messages you have, which was the most useful information of the whole notification.
  • Can't find the opponent's average rating (in the previous fixture). Kinda crucial in determining your tactics! And when I want to look at the previous match, I have to watch an ad first. It's fine if ad's are in the screen somewhere, but don't force us to sit and watch it before you can view a page..
  • Non of my AM(RLC) players can play anywhere in a 3-5-2 formation. I disagree with that! One of the central midfielders should be able to be an AM. If you play 3-5-2, you don't just use your midfield to defend.
  • Why is it so hard to set the tactics, the drag-and-drop method doesn't work well at all for me, I have to move players to the bench first before I can reach the starters. There was nothing wrong with the old system, so why make it complicated now?
This is just stuff I noticed at first glance, I had a real hard time setting my tactics (especially with all the new positions, lots of teams need to be revamped now), but I'm really looking forward to seeing how the new match engine works!
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Multiple clicks to get to screens that were easily accesible in 1/2 before
Shortlists now appear limited to 1 page
Headers don't change in squad screen when you change view
Dropdown box for first team does nothing
Takes 5/6 seconds to load every page change
Trying to switch players in tactics is all sorts of awful
The constant need to scroll down pages, why?
Can no longer filter the transfer list by position/age etc
Errors on roughly 25% of player searches

Did the people testing this actually do anything? I've found all of this in less than a day by myself

Cosmetically, why on the tactics screen is an information logo used for arrows now? Surely arrows could be done thesame way and theinformation icon could actually bring up theplayerinformation. You have it reversed :/




Changes should be made to make things easier and more efficient for the user. This has done the complete opposite and I just can't understand the reasoning behind adding extra screens to get where you want. That's the first thing you are told to avoid during a design phase.





The match engine may well be improved but it's going to be overlooked due to all of the above.

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The new interface is an abomination. SM are driving away their users. 


The overuse of colour, them stars, the amount of clicks to get to all screens, how to do arrows, i can only see 1/25 of the players i have shortlisted etcetcetc.. Many more things.


Give us the option to use the old interface or you will see a massive amount of users quitting the game. Half the managers in our league are on the verge of quitting which is a shame.


You didn't listen to the majority of the users feedback before introducing this crap and now you will pay for it. 

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So I logged on last night, in a rush to submit my team and tactics, and was faced with this new layout!

I don't want to be harsh on SM cos it's a great game, but just to echo a few comments, these are what I think need changing urgently:

- The stars do look tacky. A player's rating is so important and needs to be clear on screen.
- Player list on tactic screen, there HAS to be a divider between starting XI and subs, they just continue! Impossible to glance at the starting XI.
- Player list on tactic screen, far too big. I too had to drop players on the bench first, and then onto the pitch for starting lineup.
- The "i" icon, does it really have to be there? For every player? it looks ugly. Just have a scrollover for player info (like it does now), and then a click for defend/attack arrow.
- I'm torn between the player photos on the pitch.... I think I prefer the shirts like before. They looked neat. And you could always see player photos from the squad screen. Plus the pitch colour is far too strong now, it stands out more than the crucial player info that sits on top of it.

I'd like to hear more thoughts from fellow members. And also from SM themselves, does this ever happen?

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  • The loading icon every few clicks on the desktop site makes it unplayable... In 2015 the loading time for such minimal content is ridiculous.


  • The background colour scheme is too dark even with the basic skin options. I can see it working on a phone screen but on a desktop its hard to focus & looks cheap. Just strikes me as lazy to have the app running on a desktop as well.


  • There is no option to view you offers in & out on the transfer tab. How something like this made it past testing is odd. 
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I think who ever is in charge needs to realise, when you improve something, you make it better, not worse, i've been playing this game on off for almost 7 years and today shall be my last day, if i could flick a switch and revert this game back to how it was when i started playing, i so would. Unbelievable. 

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I though improvements are supposed to make things better, this is so unuser friendly, slow, complicated and cumbersome, a once loved game has been ruined in a flash! After 7 years of playing in pains me to admit but my time here is probably over, I will hang on to my teams for a couple of weeks in the hope a uturn is made and the game reverts to its previous format

I'm not alone and I hope our voices don't go unheard in a stubborn persuit of what has taken you a lot of time and money to construct, Hopefully you can come back from this huge own goal and bring back that enjoyable game

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