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World Cup 2014 Random Team Thread

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Back by the popular demand :P

After pretty successful Euro 2012, and Champions League 2012/2013 it was always in my mind to bring it back for the world cup.

For first timers, the rules are simple,

• You get drawn a random team from the world cup, which you have to represent/cheer/support/take pride in/or do whatever else imaginable for the duration of world cup, and hope it goes as far as it can and possibly win it all!

• All for banter purposes, and a more exciting world cup supporting a second team just for a laugh/bragging rights on the forum :D

• You must be fairly active on the thread/preferably post as much as possible, to make it as fun as possible whilst it lasts.

• You can swap teams with another member, although I'd prefer everyone to stick it out with an original choice

• You must accept that you have as much chance of drawing Spain as you do an Iran, and must treat each team equally and not lose interest if you don't get a team you hoped for.

• You can apply on the thread, and if I think you match the criteria, you can join! :)


Participants 32/32

Group A:

Brazil - Bradford

Mexico - Newman


Croatia - Gozzy

Cameroon - Geoffrey

Group B:

Netherlands - MaoaM

Chile - Gonich_losova


Spain - Noisy

Australia - VatreniUnited

Group C:

Colombia - Pip

Greece - Jamie3184


Ivory Coast - sirmarkhughes

Japan - pedrooliveira

Group D:

Costa Rica - TheMar AFc

Uruguay - Vendetta


Italy - Hazard

England - Insider

Group E:

France - Justin X

Switzerland - Halstinho


Ecuador - Lordy [RBA]

Honduras - Raz.

Group F:

Argentina - UltraViolence

Nigeria - StephenMUFC


Bosnia and Herzegovina - ZlookVulk

Iran - Caleb-avfc

Group G:

Germany - EdMoses

United States - RieceM96


Portugal - olivier 1

Ghana - Ryans Tornado

Group H:

Belgium - muallan

Algeria - Ashtini


Russia - Matt72

South Korea - Frozy

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