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World Cup 2014 Random Team Thread

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Re: World Cup 2014 Random Team Thread

dzeko dzeko dzeko dzekoooooooooooooooooo


pjanic pjanic pjanic pjaniccccccccccccccccccc


begovic begovic begogogogoogoogviccccc

:D (thats all i know)

Not bad, buddy! :P

Japan, for me! :D

C'mon Kagawa lad and Okazaki lad and Honda lad and all the lads... :o

We're gonna make sushi out of the other NTs. B)

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Re: World Cup 2014 Random Team Thread

Here's who everyone's matched with in their groups :)

Group A:

Brazil - Bradford

Croatia - Gozzy

Mexico - Newman

Cameroon - Geoffrey

Group B:

Spain - olivier 1

Netherlands - MaoaM

Chile - Gonich_losova

Australia - VatreniUnited

Group C:

Colombia - Pip

Greece - Jamie3184

Ivory Coast - RPR

Japan - pedrooliveira

Group D:

Uruguay - Vendetta

Costa Rica - TheMar AFc

England - Insider

Italy - Hazard

Group E:

Switzerland - Halstinho

Ecuador - Lordy [RBA]

France - Justin X

Honduras - Raz.

Group F:

Argentina - xxInstinctxx

Bosnia and Herzegovina - ZlookVulk

Iran - xFrantiic

Nigeria - StephenMUFC

Group G:

Germany - Ghora

Portugal - Ben-SCFC

Ghana - Ryans Tornado

United States - RieceM96

Group H:

Belgium - Arsenalisbest

Algeria - Ashtini

Russia - Matt72

South Korea - Frozy

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Re: World Cup 2014 Random Team Thread

even tho I thought I signed up?.. I'll join standby

My sincere apologies mate. I just haven't seen you on the forum at all, and just with a few posts to your name couldn't take the risk. :o

Seems like you're really up for this though which is good, and you can certainly join the standby list. Again sorry

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Re: World Cup 2014 Random Team Thread

So the Euro 2004 winners are ready to shock the world and once again upset the odds. Prediction of 12 points in the group, lets face it the other teams in group aren't a patch on the might Greeks :P

Having the support of Maria Menounos is only going to spur the boy's on



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Re: World Cup 2014 Random Team Thread

Mmm, Switzerland. The country which the American and the Chinese people confuse us (Sweden) with.

Switzerland may not win the World Cup, but we've got the best chocolate. So suck on that. :D


No offence to any Swizz' date='just banter.[/quote']

Something's wrong with him if his fecal matter goes right through his shorts and has a mouth and eyes. You should tell him to see a doctor.

Yaaaaaas king' date=' photosynthesize, read, drag Halstinho. He got the right choice. Tra[b']S[/b]hwitzerland.

I see you're still butthurt about David Villa joining New York FC. He isn't good enough to play in an elite football competition anymore. :P

I wouldn't call a country trash if it has one of the highest GDP per capita in the world.

You and Daniel should have settled things yeaterday' date=' when you were supposed to have fought in Malmo. :o[/quote']

That wuss didn't show up.

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Re: World Cup 2014 Random Team Thread

Banter level 0 :P

I for once liked it' date=' coz I had never seen a turd with eyes and a mouth before. :o

Algeria fact no.1.

Algeria is the largest country by area in Africa. Before 2011, when South Sudan became independent, Sudan was the largest.

Nice one Ash, only 99 to go! :P

Ooppps my bad' date=' i meant 9 not 12 :o

With a goal difference of +10 :D[/quote']

Nah mate, that won't happen.

My goalie will be the topscorer in the WC. :D

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