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SUPERNAG - NDF's Criminally Underrated SoccerManager Players

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What about Nemanja ANTONOV?...

Last season he played as regular in the Serbian Superliga with Ofk Beograd (2.243 minutes).

In June he was a regular starter in the Serbian U20 World's champion.

In July he moved to Grasshoppers' date=' and yesterday he was the LB starter.

Today he's still 72 rated.[/quote']

Serbia rarely gets rated if I remember correctly

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And that's very unfair' date=' they have more talented kids than overrated English players.[/quote']

I think this is the guideline that's to be kept in mind in terms of expecting ratings changes, everyone outside of these leagues will probably be ignored for a long time


Popular Leagues



[TD=width: 25%]Premier League[/TD]

[TD=width: 25%]Bundesliga[/TD]

[TD=width: 25%]Serie A[/TD]

[TD=width: 25%]Primera División[/TD]



[TD=width: 25%]Ligue 1[/TD]

[TD=width: 25%]SuperLiga[/TD]

[TD=width: 25%]Premier Liga[/TD]

[TD=width: 25%]Primera División[/TD]



[TD=width: 25%]Série A[/TD]

[TD=width: 25%]Superleague[/TD]

[TD=width: 25%]Eredivisie[/TD]

[TD=width: 25%]Süper Lig[/TD]



[TD=width: 25%]Premier Liha[/TD]

[TD=width: 25%]First Division[/TD]

[TD=width: 25%]Premier League[/TD]

[TD=width: 25%]A PFG[/TD]



I'd even drop the last line from most considerations unless you're interested in once a year changes.

As for players who haven't been rated in ages, doesn't soccerwiki have a voting system? Or does it just not work for obscure leagues?

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sorry Safir but this is the whole point of this thread' date=' to encourage the "powers that be" to give rises to the players who aren't fashionable, who get left out and who get ignored.[/quote']

I don't think they have the incentive structure to react here.

They might change the ratings of individual players in obscure leagues if enough people click that button on soccerwiki. They'll never go through the whole team more than once a year or two if even that

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Check back through the thread' date=' we've had a pretty good success rate. Concidence? Not entirely. Your point is kind of moot when you see some of the rises that get done everyday, like that Bulgarian lad getting 3 rises within 6 months. That's just one needle in the ever growing haystack.[/quote']

Are you sure it's not the clicks on soccerwiki causing it?

Could be that people who post here went to click those buttons so there's a form of correlation. Or lurkers who read this thread went there and again, clicked those buttons

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I think its a little of column A/column B type scenario.

Do you have any of your own criminally underrated players to submit?

I'm compiling risers from different leagues and will publish them as I finish them (with a 1-2 day delay as I snap these guys up in game first lol)

One league done so far

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A few forgotten players :

Camilo Saiz just moved to Medellin and played 4687 minutes in the first division of columbia so far for Envigado, still 78 rated.

Marcel Halstenberg of St Pauli is one of the best Leftbacks of german second division , still 80 rated. last change 2013.

Christian Kouakou of Tours played more then 5000 minutes in french second division so far, scored 21 goals , still rated 80

Thomas Weber of Admira Wien played about 5000 minutes in Austrias top division , still rated 78, never had a rating change.

Aleksandar Jesic of OFK Beograd played about 2800 minutes in serbias top league, still rated 76.

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Nice Rise for Pereira, not good for my team that he lost his central defender ability.

surprised that Silvio Gutierrez of Ecuadors Deportivo Cuenca had his rise from 74 to 78 ( expected more i must admit),

but still no rise for Goalkeeper Hamilton Piedra of the same team , he has 5054 minutes in the highest division now

and still is rated 75.

Another 2 forgotten Players :

Karl Toko attacker fom Sochaux ,3500 minutes in french second division with 17 goals still rated 78.

Marco Ilaimaharitra midfielder from Sochaux 1800 minutes in second division still rated 77 , never had a rating change.

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Nice Rise for Pereira' date=' not good for my team that he lost his central defender ability.


Very true, but to be fair he never plays CB - he splits from DM to take the ball from the CB's and protects them when needed

He really is such a good player will be 89 by seasons end

Angelo Fulgini needs a rise +5 at least

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I´m not sure if these players have been mentioned here before but I think all of them will rise. Whats your opinion?

Milot Rashica

Bart Ramselaar

Wouter Marinus

Luca Waldschmidt

Theoson Siebatsheu

Vincent Koziello

Ulisses Garcia

Marco Grujic

Kenny Tete

I have ramselaar in almost every GW

Rashica just added so yes will rise but needs time to accrue the minutes. Have him in a few,

Tete should rise.

Not alot of help on the rest mate

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