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SUPERNAG - NDF's Criminally Underrated SoccerManager Players

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By day he is a simple man, doing simple things but every now and then a hero is needed to stand up for the players who consistently rack up big minutes and don't rise. This thread is for the player

Re: SUPERNAG - NDF's Criminally Underrated SoccerManager Players Gentlemen it is with a heavy heart that I am through with SM - there are several reasons, i will not bore you with any of them. It's

Pretty happy that this thread wasn't deleted!  SW's inconsistency is starting to feel nauseating. With more than 1000 minutes of game time this season (4 goals and 1 assist), Solanke gets a measly

Oh hai.



Hey mate, great to see you!  :)




Crap, Brenet has lost his starter spot for PSV. :/

Still deserves a +3 for his all his minutes tho - almost 4500 (since his last review) in relevant comps, including an Eredivisie title and a qualification for the CL's last 16.

Hopefully he'll get a few minutes more till the end of the season! ;)   

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You too Pedro. Hope all is well.

Same to all other regulars as well. Don't come on here anymore and don't play SM that much but keep an eye on certain players still.

Nice to see Kevin Wimmer taking his chance for Spurs. Page 1 of this very thread. :)



I'm fine, thx, how about you?

Yeah, Wimmer was 1 of the original naguees.  :D

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Not bad mate. Very busy at the moment!

No time for SM (probably a blessing seeing as it's gone to piddle!)



Yeah, if it weren't for a few steady customers, SM would already be history.


Urso, Vicenza. 1300 league minutes rated 74, should be 77/78 imo.


Ya, I scouted that one earlier this season.

I was kinda hoping he'd have more game time by now tho.

Playing in Serie B, 2 very good risers are Eloge Yao and Cheick Keita.

Unfortunately the former has been benched for the past few games.

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He just looks electric & putting up better numbers than Martial from out wide.


Love how he can beat a man with either his skill, straight out pace or just slow down then use his acceleration like Henry did. 


Coman, Dembele & Fekir could tear up Russia 2018. 



Still very early days for Dembelé tho.

I hope Fekir's long injury turns out to be a simple bump in the road.

I'd already use Coman as a starter for the French NT.

I'd put Griezmann on one wing, Coman on the other and Benzema at CF.

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Might be worth grabbing Alex Iwobi and Nico Elvedi too if you haven't.

Iwobi really impressing (Cam defo already onto him) Elvedi 19, regular for Monch and got his NT call up this week too.


Yeah both of those players are in every team i can sign them in. Got iwobi staright off the DB boy is a talent. I imagine he will move from Arsenal in a year or too in the typical fashion. I see him a bit better than a Nordveit or a Eisfeld in terms of potential after moving away. THink he could be a 89-90 one day although super early stages.

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Not sure how big a rise you can get in Scottish League One, but Dunfermline's Faissal El Bakhtaoui has 26 goals & 8 assists in 38 games in his first season as a starting player, including 3 goals in the cups against Scottish Premier opponents. He's currently on 67.


Pretty interesting story for this guy, until 2012 he'd never played 11-a-side football, only futsal. He got his first start in 2014 and scored on his debut, took him a while to settle into first team football but he'd been on fire this season. Linked to a lot of Scottish Prem teams, although it looks like Dunfermline will be going up to the Championship next season so he might hang around yet.

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Just to add a bit more to this. Shakhtar let Teixiera go because they had Kovalenko ready to step up. Which he has

Been getting rave reviews for his international debuts this week and his maturity.

Has played DM CM and AM in the game he has played. The kids an absolute machine. Will be one of the absolute best. A +1 is actually offensive.

I'm still really annoyed that Sardar Azmoun is still an 83. Just qualified Iran for the next round. His club top of Russian prem.

Where is Ante Coric and Duje Caleta-Car rise? Coric an absolute force for DZ and Croat u21 at 18 years of age for God sake. Caleta-car same for RB Salzburg and Croat u21.

Iwobi deserves a +5 at least for his recent performances for club and country

Last but certainly not least where is Ousmane Dembeles rise? 10 goals and 5 assists in 15 starts. U21 France debut now too.

Nico Elvedi

Andreas Christensen

Sam Larsson

Kingsley Coman

Dele Alli

Where are their rises too?

The way this game usually works you'd think Dembele who's linked to Barca a lot would rise just for that alone, given rises gone by, let alone the fact he's absolutely ridiculously talented.

Urgh, this game, guys! Just urgh.

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