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Underrated Defenders or Overrated Attackers


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Re: Underrated Defenders or Overrated Attackers

there's also lahm, but i've gotta kinda agree i mean how does sm rate players

is it mainly on attacking attributes only?or is it in ratings brackets, ie defenders can only reach 96, mids 97, atts 99 or is it how good that player is in his chosen positions, because surely if they use a scale approach correctly it should be chosen positions because messi's(or whoever you want to use as an example) not a 99 all over the pitch so surely he must be a 99 in regards to his position so if that is applied to the attacking element of the game why not have the same scale applied across the board so you have the best defenders in the world having the same kind of ratings instead of them dwelling in ratings much lower in comparison to there attacking counterparts even though they are of the same ability for there chosen positions

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