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||In Vetulum|| - The Ultimate Gameworld


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||In Vetulum||


(British) - a person in charge of others; a boss

Welcome to ||In Vetulum||

Hello and I would like to welcome everyone to my new gameworld which is based on the lines of my old gameworld ||Rerum Natura||. We now have a complex football society which is much more than the game itself. Our generation of fans has seen the uprising of role of owners and money power into the beautiful game of football. ||In Vetulum|| is just a tribute to such a complex world of football which is now becoming the biggest stage of Sport Entertainment.

What is Different?

||In Vetulum|| is the only gameworld which will involve two groups of bosses i.e The Manager and The Owner. The basic guidelines of the set-up is the involvement of Owners into the game where there will be a complex society of real-life situations of Appointment, Contracts, Sacking etc. making the game much more enjoyable to play.

Defining Roles

The Owner - The Owners will be the ones who would invest credits to buy a club. The Owner will have complete say on the functioning of the club. The Owner has a freedom to appoint a manager for the club. All the bonus and earning of the club will be the owner's share. The Owner will also have the power to sack and appoint managers.

The Manager -The Manager will the one who will be appointed by the owner for the managing of his/her club. The manager will be given a contract and wages by the owner. A manager will be the one deciding the tactics etc of the club.


This time around the owners will also participate in the gameworld so that their interaction will also be to the maximum. The owners will handle the youth system of their parent club.

The Gameworld

The Gameworld will consists of 8 clubs and their youth system that is total of 16 clubs divided into two division. The Managers will start off in Division 1 and Owners in Division 2.

Parent Club - The Parent club will the main clubs that will go into division 1. The clubs budget will be decided by the owners and there is no limit on the transfer activity of the parent club club.

Youth Academy - The Youth wing of the parent club participating in the Division 2 will the Youth Academy of the club controlled by the owners. There are the following transfer restrictions

No Buying over age of = 21

No Buying over Rating of = 80

1. Youth clubs must send back all their loan players to their respective clubs at the starting of the GW

2. There is no cap on loan for Academy they make after all the original loaned players are sent back.

Other Rules

Band of Shame = Band of Shame will be handed to the Parent club which gets relegated into Division 2 and there will a cap of just 1 transfer for the club for the season.

Band of Honor = The Youth Academy which gets promoted will get the Band of Honor. The Youth system of that club could buy two 85 rated player below 21 years for the season.

The Clubs

The clubs this time in this gameworld will revolve around a average rating of 87 to 89. There these are the following clubs

1. Valencia and Valencia Mestalla.

2. Bayer Leverkusen and Bayer Leverkusen II

3. FC Schalke 04 and FC Schalke 04 II

4. SL Benfica and SL Benfica B

5. FC Porto and FC Porto B

6. VfL Wolfsburg and Vfl Wolfsburg II

7. Sevilla and Sevilla Atletico

8. Sporting CP and Sporting CP B

Choosing a Club

The clubs will be chosen by Auction. The base price of the clubs will be decided by the strength of the Current squad, Stadium capacity and the their Youth Academy strength.



The gameworld will start with the budget of 200 million. But the owners have to choose the useable budget for their club which can not exceed 30 million per season. The prices will be

5 million = 50 SM Credits

The budget of the youth academy will be separate and can not exceed 5 million per season.

Owners can deduct their teams budgets in subsequent seasons and redeem the worth coins.

Choosing a Manager

The Managers will be appointed on a agreement between the Owner and the Manager. The agreed contract must be submitted to the board prior to the appointment. The contract may have release clause, sacking clause, expectation clause etc. The contract must have a period of agreement and the decided wage.


Division 1

Winner - 1000 Coins

Runners Up -500 Coins

3rd Place - 200 Coins

Division 2

Winner - 300 Coins


Winner - 300 Coins

Runners Up - 200 Coins


Stadium Income

Owners will also earn from the attendance from their club's stadium's. The total attendance will be rounded off to nearest multiple of 5 and divided by 100. The answer will the credits earned by the manager.


Attendance is 160,790

Rounded off to 170,000

Divided by 100 = 170 Credits


So are you Intrested??

Interest List

Owners and Their Managers

1. Venk.11 has Appointed Keith Fitz to manage Valencia

2. Brunopinto90 has appointed pedrooliviera to manage Sporting CP

3. Gabriel00 has appointed Cam Lucas to manage Bayer Leverkusen

4. CiaranMc has appointed RPR to manage VfL Woflsburg

5. Scout177 has appointed Nikidinho to manage Sevilla

6. Danny Van Hecke has appointed Olivier1 to manage SL Benfica

7. TonyB has appointed Jonny Red to manage FC Schalke 04

8. HannahB has appointed LauraAFC to manage FC Porto

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Re: ||The Gaffer|| - The Ultimate Gameworld


Roll of Honor


Sevilla fans ran toward the pitch as the owner and manager jumped in Ecstasy on the final blow of the whistle of season 1. It has been a mad mad season which was ultimately decided on goal difference as Sevilla, Bayer Leverkusen and Sporting CP ended on the same points on the table. We look at the some of the Highlights of the first season.

The Winner


The Spanish city of Sevilla was filled with joy as the team safely sailed through the finish line and its no more than they deserve. Sevilla stood on the grounds of attack as the best form of defense and were properly rewarded for that. The team racked up 37 goals and the attack continued make holes in the opposition defense all through the season and that makes them the Champions!

Team of the Season


One of the team which were sure to be relegated and were tipped to go down to the drain were just an inch close to touching the trophy only to shattered on GD. Sporting CP under the leadership of Pedro were a total delight to watch.

Player of the Season


A Player of the season as well as the best buy of the season. Ronaldo made so many holes in the opposition net that he single handily fired Sevilla to glory. Ronaldo racked up 15 goals in 12 games to win the golden boot and made scoring look like a easy job.

Manager of the Season


Cameron Lucas has been the unsung manager of the season. He fired his team a Cup victory in the first Victory and managed to lose the title on just goal difference. The man who has been contesting on both the fronts from the first match of the season. He deserves Manager of the season for his amazing managerial skills shown.

All the best for Season 2 Folks

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Re: ||The Gaffer|| - The Ultimate Gameworld

||In Vetulum|| Contracts


Valencia CF

Contract of Agreement

I Venk have agreed to make Keith Fitz as the manager of my owned club that is Valencia CF of Spain located in the city of Valencia. I hereby have agreed the following contract with Keith Fitz and we both will do full justice to our contract

Wage (Per Season) = 150 Credits

Contract Length = 5 Seasons (2+3 Seasons)

The contract is subjected to these clauses

1. The owner can not sack the manager for full 2 season after which the owner will decide to continue the contract of not.

2. If the contract is extended after 2 seasons a increment of 50 credits will be given and the manager again can not be sacked for the rest 3 seasons.

3. There will a subtraction of 50 credits from the salary if the team gets relegated.

The contract is also subjected to the following bonus.

1. Win Cup = 100 Credits

2. Win the Cup = 50 Credits

The owner gives the manager full freedom in running of the club but here are few demands he would like to be fulfilled.

1. Valencia owner Venk is a big fan of Matic, Schurrle, Thorgan Hazard and Azplicueta. You must buy one of them.

2. Venk wants a young squad and expects you keep the average age of the squad to 25.




Keith Fitz


Contract of Agreement

Contract Lenght

3 seasons


200 credits per season


150 credits for winning the league

100 credits for winning the cup

Release Clause

800 credits to buy out of the contract


30 millionper season


1) The manager has freedom in transfer market' date=' however must discuss any deal in or out for players rated 90 or higher with the owner.[/color']

2) We must become the top Portuguese club by the end of season 3 or no new contract will be offered.





Sevilla Fútbol Club


Contract of Agreement

1) Wage

200 SM credits per season subject to the clauses below.

2) Length

The contract shall run for 3 game seasons.

3) Bonus

a) Winning the league entitles you to a bonus of 100 credits.

B) Winning a domestic cup entitles you to 30 credits.

4) Sacking clauses

Relegation is unacceptable and would mean an immediate termination of the contract.

5) Release Clause

The release clause at any point during the contract will stand at 500 credits.

Message From The Chairman

The Chairman expects you to form a core of players from the countries of Argentina' date=' Spain, Portugal, and Brazil. You will be expected to continuously finish in the top half of the table, and mount a serious title challenge with the last year of your contract. A renewal of your contract would be subject to these expectations.

The budget for this season will be:

1) Parent Club: 30 million.

2) Youth Club: 5 million.

[center']Undersigned: Scout177

Signed: Nikidinho



Contract of Agreement

Season: 1

Club: Bayer Leverkusen

Gameworld: In Vetulum

Club Owner: GABRIEL00

Club Manager: CAM LUCAS


I' date=' [b']CAM LUCAS[/b], hereby agree to the following terms and conditions upon joining Bayer Leverkusen as the club manager:

- Contract Length: 4 seasons.

- Wage: 150 credits per season.

- Bonuses: 10% of wage for a cup win, 15% of wage for league win.

- Parent Transfer budget: £30m.

- Youth Transfer budget: £5m.

- Expectation clauses: Finish in the top 3 after 3 seasons & avoid relegation.

- Sacking clauses: The owner reserves the right to sack the manager at any given time, but must pay out the remaining wages of the contract.

Message from the Chairman:

"Bayer Leverkusen hopes for a long term partnership with you and expects the club to be a serious title contender within 3 seasons. The Chairman grants you full control of the parent squad & all of it's dealings."




Cam Lucas



SL Benfica is hoping for a long and successful relationship under the guidance of you at the club' date=' and we are completely confident in you fulfilling our objectives.


Club - SL Benfica

Manager - Olivier 1

Contract length - 2 seasons and 1 optional season

Wage - 200 credits per season

Release clause - 500 credits


Win the League = 250 credits

Win the Cup = 125 Credits

Win the double = 500 credits bonus

Chairman expectations

The manager has all freedom in the transfer policy of the team. He will be given a substantial amount of transfer funds to compete with the worlds top teams in order to bring top players to the club. The club is expected to mount a serious challenge for the title within 2 seasons. He can sell or keep who he wants, although the chairman has a few conditions:

1. Sign at least one Portuguese international

2. As Benfica has a Belgian management, we expect you to bring in at least 2 Belgian players

3. The manager must finish in the left side of the league table and aim to win it. Otherwise the wage will be dropped to 100.


Danny Van Hecke



Olivier 1



Sporting CP

Contract of Agreement.

Wage = 250 Credits per Season

Contract Lenght = 3 Seasons

This employment contract was made ​​and entered into this day' date=' June 3, 2014, by and among, brunopinto90 referred to as the owner, and pedrooliveira referred to as the coach.

Now, therefore, the owner and the manager, for the consideration specified here in, agree as follows:[/color']

1. *Conditions - The owner, taking account of the promises contained here in coach here employs, and now coach accepts job as coach for the duration of one (1) season, ie, until the last game in the schedule being susceptible to renovation depending on whether or not the results. The owner may by specific action and with the consent of the manager to extend the termination date of the existing contract to the fullest extent permitted by state law.

The termination clause is set at 1,000 credits and compensation for termination of contract without just cause unfriendly is, in turn, established in 200 credits.

2. Duties

- Manager Shall have charge of the administration of the Owner's property under the direction of the Board. He Shall have knowledge of personnel procedures, training of supervising employees. He Shall have the ability to give direction, the ability to relate to and motivate people, the ability to define job tasks, the ability to determine performance standards, the ability to hire, train, discipline and terminate employees the Necessary, and the knowledge of general business management techniques and generally accepted business practices.

- Manager Shall have good listening skills, and ability to Recognize When professional services are needed by the Owner, and ability to analyze problems, the knowledge of potential liability Resulting from his / her actions, the ability to develop in Place and disaster preparedness and emergency procedures plans.

- Manager Shall be able to understand financial reports and have familiarity with the laws Regarding transition, implied warranties and related issues.

- Manager Shall have basic accounting skills, budget planning and analysis skills, knowledge of inancial reports; knowledge of related federal and state laws, long term and short-term financial planning skills.

- Manager Shall have the ability to determine maintenance and service specifications; analyze and negotiate bids; supervise specification compliance, plan and schedule deferred and / or current remedial maintenance; handle emergency repairs; Implement a preventive maintenance program.

- Manager Shall have knowledge of statutory requirements and the Owner board policies Regarding liens and foreclosures, and ability to Carry Out lien and foreclosure policies uniformly, the notice requirements of knowledge and the knowledge of how to protect assets in case the Association lien or

foreclosure passe necessary.

3. Professional Conduct

Manager Shall notify the Board of any favors, gifts or any other compensation, offered or solicited by any person or business doing business or wanting to do business with Owner.

4. Compensation (Salary): The owner shall pay to the coach at an annual rate (season) of 250 credits.

* 1. The owner and manager may agree to adjust the salary of the coach during the term of this contract, but in any case, it should be paid less than the salary he is currently receiving.

* 2. Any adjustment in salary made during the life of this contract shall be in the form of an amendment and become part of this contract, but should not be considered the owner and manager to sign an new contract, or the date of termination of the contract in force was extended.



- Winning the League = 500 credits

- Runner-up = 250 credits

- 3rd Place = 100 credits

- Winning the Cup = 200 Credits

- Cup Runner-up = 100 Credits

5. Goals and Objectives

In the execution of this contract, the parties will meet to set goals and objectives of the owner for the following year. Said goals and objectives should be established in writing and be among the criteria by which coach is assessed as established.

* The President and Sporting CP, expect a long-term relationship with the coach who will sign this contract writing and hopes that meets the expectations explained below ":

1. Patrício and William Carvalho are Sporting´s Academy biggest assets, only high fees should be considered.

2. Any contract made without the consent of the president, the coach will be penalized. (The President will give freedom to the coach to sign players, but all purchases must be authorized by the president to prevent breakage financial and subsequent economic debt.)

3. The coach must fulfill their duties and work in harmony with your president and fulfill their duties, fight for their rights, as the President fulfill his.

4. The Portuguese team have to qualify for European competition either, EUROPA LEAGUE or CHAMPIONS LEAGUE.

5. The coach has to log every 10 days. Failing that, it will be penalized.

Note: - If there is any breach of the rules above written, the coach may or may not, depending on the decision of the highest office of the club, its president, proceed to termination of contract without any compensation or not, as it is for just cause.

6. Renewal of Employment Contract - If the owner does not notify the coach in writing before contract finish which means this contract will not be renewed, but it must be considered that the owner has renewed the contract of work for a year, extending from the date of termination in accordance with paragraph 1.7.

Termination of employment contract - This contract may be terminated by:

A. mutual agreement of the parties.

B. retirement coach.

C. bad results of the coach (not meet the requirements IE.) In the event of poor results, lack of interest and dissatisfaction of the requirements, the owner may terminate this contract by written notice to the coach at any time after the President has to make available and perhaps was absent from his / her employment for any cause for an additional 72 hours. All obligations of the Association shall cease upon termination.







Contract Of Agreement

Owner: Tony Baldo.

Manager: ShaneMc.

Contract Length: 1 season.

Wage: 150 credits.

Release Clause: 450 credits.


Top 4: automatic 1 year extension.

Cup/League win: 100% wage increase.

Complete the double: Statue erected in your honour.

Message From The Chairman

I expect an attacking and hungry side' date=' with a strong team spirit. The core of the squad should be European. At least 70%. The average age of the squad should be no lower than 27. No signing can be made without me finalizing the deal. A captain must be appointed and play whenever fit.[/color']

Undersigned: Tony Baldo.

Signed: Jonny Red.


Wolfsburg Owner McEvoy Appoints RPR As Manager of First Team.

Owner of German team VFL Wolfsburg has appointed the experienced Manager on a long term contract with lots of plans for the German Team' date=' The following are contract agreements between the Owner and Manager.

The Length Of Contract - 4 Year Contract.

- Salary -75 credits per season

- 50% of the prize money in any Cup or League win/Runner ups is split between Owner and Manager.

- No Sacking Clause to be added as this is a long term project.

- If a Teams Owner is interested in RPR there is a very steep fee for him it is set at 10000 Credits.

Team Agreements -

- Ricardo Rodriguez will not be leaving Germany at any cost.

- First Team must build for the future as well as build a strong team for the league.

- Win the league within 2 years for a salary rise.

- At least 1 Cup must be won with in the 4 years.

Signature: Owner - CiaranMc

Manager - RPR. [/color']


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Re: ||The Gaffer|| - The Ultimate Gameworld

That's a very intriguing idea, Venk!

I'm interested. :D

I'd like to be the guy that doesn't invest the SM credits, since I don't have that many. :o

Just a question, please:

The rating cap is 80 and age cap is 21, for everybody?

If that's the case, I'm fine with it.


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Re: ||The Gaffer|| - The Ultimate Gameworld

Definitely interested as an owner :)

Cheers Mate :)

Cool one!

I don't have the credits to be an owner tho' date=' and that would be the cool part..[/quote']

That's okay, Will put you down as a manager.

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Re: ||The Gaffer|| - The Ultimate Gameworld

That's a very intriguing idea' date=' Venk!

I'm interested. :D

I'd like to be the guy that doesn't invest the SM credits, since I don't have that many. :o

Just a question, please:

The rating cap is 80 and age cap is 21, for everybody?

If that's the case, I'm fine with it.


The Rating and Age cap is just for the youth teams mate. Yes for every youth team.

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Re: ||The Gaffer|| - The Ultimate Gameworld

i would like to manage please B)

Sure Mate :)

count me in mate sounds good

id like to be a manager :)

Thank You' date=' Put you down the list :)

manager Venk ;)

For sure :)

I am interested :) not sure owner or manager tho :o:confused:

I personally think as we need owner you should be a owner :)

Count me in as an owner mate. Looking forward.

Yes sir! :D

Yo' date=' put me down as a manager[/quote']

Sure mate, Welcome in :)

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Re: ||The Gaffer|| - The Ultimate Gameworld

i m interested to be part of this game world as a manager

Just a heads up guys ... Prathamesh my friend will be helping me managing this gameworld and will be taking decisions in my absence.

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