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Players Fitness


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Re: Players Fitness

Hello there.

Does anyone know how much a players fitness goes down per game? and whats the lowest percentage of fitness that you'd let a player play with?

Need to know before tonight.

Sorry mate' date=' I only just saw this otherwise I would've responded sooner.

There's no real science to it, but here's what I do and it works well [b']all the time[/b]

A player's condition will drop by about 20% immediately after a game, and will rise by about 6% each day after that.

On the day of the match day, I ONLY select players if their Est. Condition is 95% or more. Condition is huge in this game, so make sure you get that right before looking at morale, form etc.

For example, if you have (a) 90-rated, 94% & (B) 89-rated, 95% I would always pick the 2nd guy

Obviously, if you don't have enough 95% guys, then I pick the next highest value

Good Luck

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