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The Basque Challenge

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It's probably been done to death but i'm looking for basque players for my Athletic Club team that might not be obviously basque.

I've already had to break it to sign Musacchio, Bony & Immobile but I want to go back to it. Players like Azpili & Alonso aren't really available.

Need specifically a GK, CB or LB, AM (RLC).

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Re: The Basque Challenge

GK: St├ęphane Ruffier (AS Saint-Etienne)

LB: Monreal, Echaide

CB: Inigo Martinez

AML: Griezmann, Ibai Gomez, Isma, Fran Yeste

AMC: Zurutuza, Raul Garcia, Sukunza

AMR: Prieto, Susaeta

As bonus, some names for other positions (not counting Alonso and Azpilicueta as you said they are unavailable): Carlos Martinez, Sanjurjo Oier, Javi Martinez, Pardo, Llorente, Agirretxe, Iker Hernandez, Illarramendi, Arteta, Javi Ros, Benat, Forlan, Iraola....

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