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Help With Soccermanager Problem

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Hi guys I need some serious help. On the 4/7/14 4 days ago now in my game world I accepted a deal with the Schalke manager to buy Fellaini, Iturbe and receive £5,000,000 for my player Verratti. To my horror the deal came up on my newsfeed as collapsed and then the game ended up selling my player Verratti to PSG for only £14,000,000. I am so annoyed as you would expect as I have lost an amazing talent for peanuts. I play the game mostly from my mobile phone and use the app so I sent a bug report into the game makers and haven't heard anything from them. Is there anything anyone can do to reverse my deal to the correct one I originally accepted with the Schalke manager? I have played thise game for three years and never experienced this before so its clearly a bug in the game. Also I accepted a £15,000,000 offer from AC Milan for my defender Agger and the same problem happened here where the deal came through as collapsed and then Soccermanager then tried selling my player to an external club for £9,000,000. It was a good job I realised what was going on before it happened this time as I was able to cancel that deal and save my player from going to the wrong club. This is really starting to annoy me please help anyone.

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