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EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏

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Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏

Starting to put my stamp on the Palace squad, with key arrivals of Sven Bender,Giuseppe Rossi,Kevin Volland and Micah Richards. Had to sell Vela and Asamouh, expect Subotic to follow them out of the door once staying in Division 2 is confirmed as things are very tight for the 3rd relegation place.

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HEREFORD have been waiting a week now to sell our last player before we can buy our new first team, P/e's keep getting rejected so i am left waiting.

We have been bringing in plenty of risers in the meantime and we did fill our CF spot with Pelle for 9m from Derby, thanks to Kupest being patient whilst i sold off my players.

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Whitehawk FC slumped to a 1 - 0 defeat to Burnley in their Division 3 fixture.

Bah not what we needed with so few games left, Berardi sent off with just eight minutes played never helped, two big games left I would guess we have to win both to have a chance to get in the playoffs. Playoff seeking Guisley & champions Celtic are hard looking games though so I think we will still be plying our trade in division three next season, maybe that is not such a bad thing though as we should be more competitive after the next transfer splurge.

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We have failed in our attempts to get a playoff spot but in what was our first full season it is not all bad, the club has managed to improve in value to 113 million so when the transfer bans come off again in a month we should be able to put together a squad that will challenge next season.

I know it has only been 34 games for me in charge but we have come a long way since I took over with the squad below.


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