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Improving player concerns

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I think we are all agreed that Player Concerns has been an excellent addition; however, the process is simply too slow to deliver the required effects.

It is taking several game seasons to limp towards Unhappiness Level 5, at which point managers simply offer a new contract and the whole tedious process starts again (albeit faster, although that's difficult to gauge).

I seem to recall that one of the SM Devs (Steven?) wanted to open up the moribund transfer market.

The obvious next step would be random transfer requests but I suspect that would only attract squeals of protest.

I would continue to advocate:

a) Reduction down to three Unhappiness Levels with a transfer taking place at Level 3.

B) Any unhappy player refuses to sign a new contract and runs their contract down so they can leave for free.

However, I would also suggest that any unhappy player becomes prone to becoming unsettled by any transfer bid.

Example: a player is Unhappy Level 2. Clearly, his agent has broadcasted this to interested clubs. Every time a bid comes in, the player has a random chance of demanding a move. To prevent one club making multiple bids to increase the chance, the rule would only take effect from one club once. So ten bids from ten clubs would increase the likelihood of a move.

This is unrealistic, certainly more so than buying off an unhappy player with a new contract.

The market in most worlds is moribund, static, stagnant etc.

There are so many options available to release the fetters. Squad size limits being another obvious method. But in the meantime, let's explore making Player Concerns more efficient and effective

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