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Steroids & Boosters


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So just ordered test250 which is a testosterone booster never tried it but it's supposed to be very good. I used to use creatine & weight gain formula to get the size i wanted but been thinking of using Deca with the test250 thing is i have never tried a anabolic steroid and the thought of injecting myself and balls shrinking aren't good points but question is has anyone used steroids before & i don't mean a steroid inhaler for your asthma.

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Re: Steroids & Boosters

Would'nt worry about your balls' date=' would be more concerned with gyno and hair-loss[/quote']

pretty much skinhead it anyway lol unless i feel like a tribal or steal vidal's new hairdoo...

well i can always get a reduction nah but i don't see that happening they're pretty much formed.

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