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Gazza's European Challenge


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Here's a thread to discuss Transfers,Reslults and the ussual for Gazza's European Challange!

Arsernal Players For sale!

Eboue for 14 million or A Right/Left back 91+ in the deal

Eduaro is also for sale but only if we get a 91+ striker (unless he can go with them in the deal!)

basically anyone rated 89 or under is for sale at the right price!

As you can see we need a striker,left back and right back 91+ so if anyone is thinking of selling one of those please contact me first ;)

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Re: Gazza's European Challenge

well this is official thread for my new setup :) please post here from now on thank you.. ne way ill get us started...


New Man At Barcelona

fc barcelona today annouced Gazza thomas as their new manager and this is wt he had to say.

i am delighted to join a great club like barcelona and will lead them to succsess.. the first thing i did was put ronaldinho on the transfer list as i want a team full of team players and up coming starts.. not just an induvidual, also bojan is avalible for loan and i am hoping to secure the signiture of riquleme , the argentine superstar, after that i will be after a goal keeper.. i cn also reviel that we have just this second accepted a bid for ronaldinho...and i am very pleased with this deal..£15,000,000 + C.Ronaldo... over the moon and i an build my ideal squad when the transfer comes frew :)


On His way to old trafford???


Is he joining the best club in the world or will a medical ruin his chance of joining?? ronaldinho.. make room for ronaldo :D

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Re: Gazza's European Challenge


New Man At Manchester United!

Manager Nathan Williamson is pleased to take over such a big club and is hopeing to bring some silverware to Theatre Of Dreams!.


Manchester United are in shock to find that C.Ronaldo is on his way out! but being replaced by a world class players..Ronaldinho will be joining Old Trafford!

ronaldo_504984.jpgOn his way out?

Ronaldinio_559109.jpgRonaldinho on his way to replace Hitman Ronaldo?

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Re: Gazza's European Challenge

Fc Barcelona Strenghen Squad With HUGE Signing!!

barcelona have signed juan riquelme on a 5 year deal, the argentine legand signed for £24,000,000 + edmilson and manager Gazza Thomas is happy with the new superstar


Back Where He Belongs;)

also Gazza can reviel samuel eto'o has been sold to chelsea... for £10,000,000 + Drogba...well i am happy with this deal because drogba is on form and has been for the last 5 month or so.. where as eto'o is injured.. ans surly that will effect his rating once the spanish ones come around.


Drogba will surly score goals for barcelona and says him and henry will develope a beautiful partnership.

also the deal for ronaldinho fell through.. but is back on for £5,000,000 + C. Ronaldo


His Dream move to barcelona is back on!!

Tonights Fixtures

Barcelona V Chelsea

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Re: Gazza's European Challenge


New Man At United

Manchester United Have signed EX Chelsea star Mutu for a cost of £10,000,00 + Fletcher the media can say

Nathan Williamson tells media; "I am very happy of Mutu of joining us, he will have a great partnership with Rooney, i have alot of confidence in this boy, also i am looking to sign MORE players but my main target is Vaart, he has proven that he is a world class player and i dont think hes is having a good time at Hamburg".


Mutu blasts Fiorentina saying that training was very boring and the sqaud + fans didnt love him.

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Re: Gazza's European Challenge

Fans Pictured Outside New Managers Home, calling for the chop!!

Fc Barcelona fans have apeared outside New Manager Gazza Thomas's house in the last hour ,shouting for him to get sacked. this comes after news that ronaldinho AND Messi will be leaving the Camp Nou ,priar to a medical. Gazza Had this to say

i dont know what their problem is,yes great talent could be leaving Camp Nou but look at the talent that are coming in priar to the transfers.. first up. cristiano ronaldo, a fantastic tallent who will score us plenty of goals and if he pass's the fitness test will be a key part in our campainge this yr,he will replace ronaldinho. next up steven gerrard.. one of the best midfielders in the world and currently the best england midfielder, now every1 kknows what tallent hes has, and a blistering shot on him will score us goals aswell, we will have 1 of the strongest midfields in the world,yes messi is 20 and has been performing brilliently but gerrard is better than him atm.

also i dont see them moaning about victor valdes going to chelsea in a part exchange deal for petr cech... now look at the players leaving and joining and the players thjat have allready signed on )drogba and riqulme) now u tell me why that will not bring us trophies.. who in the right mind would moan about a team like that...i will prove to my fans that i have made the right signings in the next 5 games.. i hope to win at least 3 of them


Barcelona fans outside Gazzas House today

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Re: Gazza's European Challenge


Barce Looking Strong For Season TWO

In 5 Days Time Barcelona Will Kick Off The New Campaigne Aginst FC Porto,I Feel We Can Win It This Year, Last Year We Was Close, Just 2 Points Off Winning The League And My Recent Signings In Pre Season Should Make Us One Of The Most Feared Teams In The League, Teams Such As Real Madrid And Liverpool Are Very Strong And Will Be Our Main Case Of Consern, I Think We Can Do It!..


New Faces

Micheal Essien

Micheal Essien Has Arrived From Bayern Munchen For A Total Fee Of £35,000,000 And Will Slot In Gazza Team Straight Away,He Has Also Been Named Vice Captain And Should Have A Major Part In Barces Succsess


*Essien In His Chelsea Days, Will Be A Key Figure For Barce This Season

Emmanual Adebayor

Adebayor Arrived From Arsenal For A Undisclosed Fee And Will Be A Cup Match Player, Although His Rating Should Be Higher Than 91, Gazza Knows Hes One For The Future And Will Be The Key Man Upfront In Cup Games


Adebayor Will Be Sorly Missed By Arsenal

Kolo Toure

Toure Arrived On The Back End Of Last Season For A P/E And Went Straight Into The Starting Line Up For Barce, Hes The Captain For The Squad And Gazza Admires His Strengh And His Reading Of The Game


The Big Man Will Be A Key Man For Barce

Per Mertesacker

Gazza Had Said He Has Signed Mertesacker Because Of The Potential He Has, And At Such A Young Age He Should Be One For The Future, The German Internatinal Knows He Will Only Be Needed In CUP Matches Or Incase Of Injuries


The German CB Has Huge Potential

Wesley Sneijder

Sneijder Has A Great Footy Mind And That Is Why Gazza Signed Him, He Has Great Awareness And Has A Cracking Shot, He Will Also Be In The Cup Side


Gazza Is A Keen Admirer Of Sneijder


Season Two Starts Sunday And Theres ALOT of Teams Avalible, Search Gazzas European Challenge If U Want To Join:)

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Re: Gazza's European Challenge

Real Madrid v Zaragoza

Real Madrid manager has his first game against Zaragoza who are currently unmanaged, Zambrotta goes straight into the team after his signing from Barcelona.


Also Riquelme who Nick is hopeing to sign by tomorrow if the medical goes well will go straight into the squad.


Real Madrid are looking to sell 92 rated Guti and bring in Bayern Munichs skillfull winger Frank Ribery.


Nick Gilardino has been saying he wants a top 4 finish from his squad with a good challenge for the tittle. He has also gone on to say if he wants to challenge for the tittle he will have to be beating spanish rivals Barcelona


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Re: Gazza's European Challenge

Roma Announce New Manager

Roma have announced that they have just brought in Daniel Murphy as there new manager and have already placed bid for Juan Román RIQUELME who is on the transfer list also a bid has been put in for Aleksei BEREZUTSKY of CSKA Moskva.The centre back is sure to be going to Roma by Friday and will be ready to play on the first game against Chelsea.Daniel Murphy is looking forward to trying to win the league.With £92.8M in there back account there will be some big names coming in hopefully and some young players for the future.Daniel Murphy is looking forward to the new season and will talk to us again before the match.

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Re: Gazza's European Challenge

Ribery Coming to the Bernabau

After speculation that Frank Ribery was coming to the Bernabau the deal is on. Ribery hopes to join up with his new team mates on Friday.

Other stars coming to R.Madrid are Juninho and Roberto Ayala.

The Real Madrid manager has said he has signed Ayala for the expirence at the back with Sergi Ramos not very expirenced Ayala should help him through. Roberto says he has come to the Bernabau to win trophies he hopes to help the team claim the tittle in his first year here.

Nick Gilardino has said he hopes to bring in 1 more new face before there first game against Zaragoza. Ibrahimovic has been rumored with a move to the capital along with David Villa.



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Re: Gazza's European Challenge

Roma bring in 3 new faces

Roma have announced that they have brought in 2 great players in Juan Roman Riquelme for the price of £35m and will be in the squad for the game against Chelsea.Another new player is Aleksei BEREZUTSKY.The former CSKA defender joined for for just over £15m.Daniel Murphy isnt sure weather he will play him.Gabriel Heinze completed his medical today and is going to put pen to paper tomorrow on a deal that is to last for 5 years which will kepp the lb at the club till he is 34.

Lukas Podolski could be on his way to Roma in a deal that is to be worth

£16m and Mirko Vucinic.

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Re: Gazza's European Challenge

Real Madrid v Barcelona

Real madrid warm up there season with a friendly against Barcelona tonight who Nick Gilardino admits thay have the best team in the league but he says is his players give it there all they can come away with a result. Juninho, Ayala and Ribery all starts there first match for there new club and Juninho has been saying he wants to make a good impression on his new manager and book himself a first team place when the season starts.

Both teams are playin what they say is there best 11. Both teams what want to win the "El Classico" although it is a friendly but there is a lot of pride at stake!!!!!


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