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It's Tough At The Bottom!

Keith Fitz

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Re: It's Tough At The Bottom!

Ok so far we have 31 managers' date='I am willing to go to 34 if there is more interest,but that will be that.I want even numbers,so its gonna be 32 or 34 and 100% not going past that.[/b']

3 Spaces Left

Possible Teams You Can Choose






with 34 managers, will it be 2 divisions of 17 or 17 divisions of 2 Keith?

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Re: It's Tough At The Bottom!


Good to keep it to 10 or 12 teams per division' date=' Keith - it means the next failed season is never far away... ;)

Who's that moaning about a squad value of ONLY 18m, for Pete's sake?

My lot are worth a mighty 1.6m and a lawn mower... :D[/quote']


Very hard to balance EVERY squad out too.It is a challenge that is the point :)

Ya if you have 12 teams over 22 games,for example in dv2 and dv3,you have 2 will go up,3,4,5,6 in the play-offs,and 2 relegated in dv2,so you are bound to have something to play for

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