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||The Indian Super League||

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||The Indian Super League||

Well I was first going to open this exclusively for Indian forumers then decided against it as Niki had in between expressed his interest in this gameworld. It's a short, sweet and simple gameworld.


Check out the Intro Video for this gameworld

Competition format

The gameworld will run in two divisions. The will be 16 clubs divided into 2 division. Each club will play the other club twice that is home and away. After 14 games the winner and runner up of each division will play the finals via connect gameworld.

Division 1 (ISL Pool)

1. Atletico de Kolkata - Vineet Agrawal

2. Chennaiyin FC - Biju

3. Delhi Dynamos - jpurdy


5. Kerala Blasters - footie

6. Mumbai City - Nikidinho

7. Pune FC - prathamesh

8. NorthEast United - Basnandez

Division 2 (I-League Pool)

1. Bengaluru FC - Venk.11


3. East Bengal - Anubhav Chatterjee

4. Mohun Bagan - dhruv5588

5. Royal Wahingdoh -Retaw57

6. Mumbai FC - HD

7. Shillong Lajong - pedroolivier

8. Sporting Goa - Akash Hosmani

Transfer Format

The Indian Super League also consists of controlled rosters. Each team must sign at least one marquee player while they must also sign seven other foreigners. Of these seven foreigners, only two can be signed directly by the club with the other five coming from the foreign player draft. Each team must also have 14 Indian domestic players.

* You can only field Indian players for Cup games.

* Marquee player will be signed by blind draft that is via PM. Marquee player must be 32 years and above. Rating must be equal to or less than 94.

* 7 Major Foreign player must have rating equal to or less than 92 and age above 27. Two players can signed by the club directly. And 5 players will come out of draft.

* 14 Indian Players in the team

* Rest all the players can be of any nationality but rating equal to or below 89.

*Squad cap of 35

More info on ISL? ---> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_Super_League#Competition_format

Marquee Players

Division 1 (ISL Pool)

1. Atletico de Kolkata - Thiago Motta

2. Chennaiyin FC - Michael Carrick

3. Delhi Dynamos - John Terry

4. Goa - Francesco Totti

5. Kerala Blasters - Andre Pirlo

6. Mumbai City - Iker Casillas

7. Pune FC - Claudio Pizzaro

8. NorthEast United - Victor Valdes

Division 2 (I-League Pool)

1. Bengaluru FC - TBD

2. Dempo FC - Alessandro Di Natale

3. East Bengal - Fernandez Gabi

4. Mohun Bagan - Nemanja Vidic

5. Royal Wahingdoh -Ashley Cole

6. Mumbai FC - David Villa

7. Shillong Lajong - Gianluigi Buffon

8. Sporting Goa - Steven Gerrad

Squad Roosters

||ISL|| Squad Roosters (Team Wise)

Hall of Fame

Season 1

Division 1 Winner - NorthEast United (Basnandez)

Division 1 Runner Up - Chennaiyan FC (Jake Rills)

Division 2 Winner - Mohan Bagan (Dhruv Patel)

Division 2 Runner Up - Bengaluru FC (Venk.11)

Cup Winner - Pune FC (Prathamesh)

ISL Runner Up - Chennaiyan FC

ISL Winner - Bengaluru FC

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Re: ||The Indian Super League|| I'm interested in joining, probably with East Bengal as that's the only Indian club I know before

Re: ||The Indian Super League||

Re: ||The Indian Super League|| Awesome rules..... just wonder if there are enough decent indian players!

Re: ||The Indian Super League||

Venk... I was checking the forum 4-5 times a day.. anticipating reply from you.

Please reserve Atletico De kolkata for my friend "Vineet Agrawal" as he is from Kolkata.

And Mohun Bagan for Me...!!!

Atletico De Kolkata is reserved for iAwesome mate. It was first come first serve basis. Have a talk with iAwesome about it if he is okay with taking any other club.

Venk... Can we suggest some modification in rule??

Div. 2 why salgaokar and sporting goa both???

add team Mumbai instead of salgaonkar...

Salgoacar and Sporting De Goa was taken as Mumbai City and Mumbai FC is very confusing. But if iAwesome wants Mumbai FC I can swap with Salgoacar.

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Re: ||The Indian Super League||

Interested! I'll choose Atletico de Kolkata just because of the cool name and ofcourse the stadium ;). Wanted Mumbai City though. :(

Hey iAwesome...!

As you want Mumbai City and my friend wants Atletico de kolkata, and Venk also agreed to replace Salgaokar/sporting goa with Mumbai city.

So, will you accept Mumbai city? So that my friend can get his club too.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: ||The Indian Super League||

@Venk... Please explain as I am unaware about the "draft" thing.

1. Marquee player to come as a PM- means Just PM you that I want this player. Right?

2. 5 foreign player via draft - how is that? Who will decide those 5 players?

There will be a pot of players in the draft and you have to pick the player you want when your turn comes :)

Blind Draft is all managers send a list of 3 players they want and it will be given on a first come first serve basis

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Re: ||The Indian Super League||

Thanks iAwesome.

Venk please update the list and replace salgaonkar with Mumbai

Mumbai City - iAwesome

Atletico de Kolkata - Vineet Agrawal

Thanks Venk and iAwesome again...!

Done already. Ask your friend to send the links of the threads where he has posted via PM to me.

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