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||The Indian Super League||

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Re: ||The Indian Super League||

Ill take NorthEast United if i may:)

Sure mate welcome in :)

Hello guys I am keen to join :):):)

I am just wondering how the draft works because I have never done it before

You will come to know mate. Your team selection?

so the transfer format thing' date=' marquee player etc applies to both leagues or just the ISL? I will probably take Blasters[/quote']

Both the leagues buddy :) Cheers, So Blasters it is?

Hey Venk....I will give it a run...give me sporting goa...I used to work with some Goanese guys

Sure mate' date=' Goa is our little own Portugal. Best part of India of you want football :)

Awesome rules..... just wonder if there are enough decent indian players!

Thank you mate, As you are new forumer put a private message whenever you post a message in this thread and I will get it approved. Your posts will not be monitored after you have made 10 posts.

Hey' date='

I'd be interested, since there's no teams from Gujurat obviously, can I have Royal Wahingdoh.

Deep Desai[/quote']

Sure mate, please follow the same instruction as given to vineet.

Pedro which team Durant wants and can he come on the English forum? He he takes a team we are full.

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Re: ||The Indian Super League||

Your display picture explains why Delhi :D. We staring with empty squads cause all teams are not updated. This is the final rule I came up with

* Two Indian player must start each league game

* Four Indian player must start all Cup/Games.

* Marquee player will be signed by blind draft that is via PM. Marquee player must be 32 years and above. Rating must be equal to or less than 94.

* 7 Major Foreign player must have rating equal to or less than 91 and age above 27. Two players can signed by the club directly. And 5 players will come out of draft.

* 14 Indian Players in the team

* Rest all the players can be of any nationality but rating equal to or below 88.

*Squad cap of 35

Draft will be starting tomorrow.

Sorry if these questions have been asked before' date=' I could not find it in the 1st post.

How much cash is each club getting?

So starting with the "1 marquee player" draft, in the event that more than 1 team/manager goes for the same marquee player, how will it be decided?

Could you explain more on the "5 major foreign players" draft? You mean 80 players [b']rating equal to or less than 91 and age above 27[/b] are chosen and then randomly assigned to clubs/managers?

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