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"International Forumers Championship"


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Riferimento: "International Forumers Championship"

My preferences:

IFC 1: Chelsea-Real Madrid

IFC 2: Inter-Milan

IFC 3: Fiorentina-Wolsfsburg

IFC 4: Sassuolo-Palermo

7 preferences on 8 are not from your group.

IFC 1:

Tottenham-Paris SG

IFC 2:

Bayer Leverkusen-Valencia

IFC 3:


IFC 4:


4 preferences are not from your group


Johor DArul Takzim

Average ratings : 75

Stadium cap : 30k

KJKJ are you still sure?

I would love to be Ajax CT or maybe Vasco CT


I need 1-2 more preferences please

I have 46 preferences and more than 60 interested managers...:rolleyes:

Well, I decided to wait until the start of next week, then i'll create the gameworld...

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Re: "International Forumers Championship"

It would be nice to start on weekend because we`ll have more time to manage the start than on Monday :D

Couldn't agree more mate,gameworld should be started Friday or saturday,gives everyone the weekend then,instead of tryin to cramp it in on a monday.The interested managers havin been postin for days now,the other managers who haven't ovb aren't that interested.

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Re: "International Forumers Championship"

Agreed with above, make the gameworld friday and then get everyone in over the weekend. It's not your fault that people haven't bothered to put their preferences down or that they can't read what's going on in terms of picking preferences. They're obviously the ones who haven't paid much attention :rolleyes:

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Re: "International Forumers Championship"

It might be worthwhile assigning teams to the most organised/those who have decided now, first come, etc. (of which I am not one) Or at the very least list the division make-ups. I say this as I don't really have a feel for what's going on and I'm reluctant to commit to something I don't totally understand.

Being English I appreciate I need to pick an English team, I don't really want to manage an Elite team but also I don't want to be involved in a league where I'm heavily disadvantaged if I don't.

I just think some clear division structure beyond which teams may be included might help. At the moment the lack of 'information' is putting me off. If I chose West Brom for example will I be in a league purely with English teams or could Dortmund, etc. be included? There's obvious pit-falls with the latter option and likely a thankless task.

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