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The 4 Nation Challenge v.2

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Re: The 4 Nation Challenge v.2 Noisy this morning: Logs into SM Hmm, what?... Stephan EL SHAARAWY has moved to Hannover 96 (Mark M.) from AC Milan (Sir Sean) on a deal believed to be around

Re: The 4 Nation Challenge v.2 Thought id do a quick breakdown the transfer balances and profit made from the rise in value of the purchases. Newcastle 50m Spent - 54.4m Current Value Southampton

Re: The 4 Nation Challenge v.2 Just for you Smut

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Congratulations to Italy for last season' date=' started this season well too. Both teams in the Charity Shield - 15 points straight away. [center']


Italy 15pts

Totals Up To GW4

England 48pts

Italy 38pts

Germany 34pts

Spain 29pts


Nice work Ash, I am going to have to start putting in some posts on here as my interest has dropped a bit in this set-up, the team aspect concerns me obviously the dead forum doesn't help but I will try and step it up.

We make a mistake in the opener fielding our 76 rated keeper and got mugged 6-2 by Swansea then we managed a point in the next two inter-nations games. We finally get our first win on the board with an exciting 3-2 victory over Newcastle, we twice went behind but showed good fighting spirit with Ibra, De Bruyne and finally a Neymar penalty earning us the win. We have been trying to iron out concerns on Bony and Lacazette so have been starting the pair and subbing at HT, Sterling came on for us at HT but got a straight red after just 14 minutes of play.

On the team front we have been pretty static, we have added a couple of youngsters sold Reina and brought in Trapp, just a hopeful signing as he might get some luck now at PSG, we will bring in a second keeper to challenge him this season.

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Well this is annoying. The in game news feed hasn't kept where I got up to with points :(.

Thanks so much to all of you taking part in this setup. I loved it as much as the first version but unfortunately it struggled when the forum changes happened.

Italy ruled for the first two seasons but I think I am right in saying the final season's was Germany's!

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Ok so I have done the points but in my error I forgot to take a picture of the midways standings so this doesn't include them sorry. Feel like a prat! Germany I think wouldn't have been caught but the other three would have been effected which has royally annoyed me. Apologies again.

Germany - 564 points

England - 417 points

Italy - 415 points

Spain - 402 Points

A massive congratulations to Germany, smashed it in the final season.

Some stats/info within 4N v.2::::

League Champions

Season 1 - Hoffenheim

Season 2 - Milan

Season 3 - Monchengladbach

League Runners-Up

Season 1 - Sevilla

Season 2 - Wolfsburg

Season 3 - Udinese

Cup Champions

Season 1 - Hoffenheim

Season 2 - Lazio

Season 3 - Newcastle

Shield Champions

Season 1 - Milan

Season 2 - Newcastle

Season 3 - Sevilla

Top Scorers

Season 1 - Mario Gotze - Gladbach - 18gls

Season 2 - Cristiano Ronaldo - Milan - 23gls

Season 3 - Leo Messi - Milan - 28gls

Top Assists

Season 1 - Gareth Bale - Swansea - 19 assts

Season 2 - Juan Mata - Southampton - 13 assts

Season 3 - Eden Hazard - Wolfsburg - 21 assts

Best All Time Managers

1. Matthew Webb - Newcastle - 263pts avg 2.07 per game

2. Ray Pauley - Sociedad - 246pts avg 1.84 per game

3. Sir Sean - Milan - 245pts avg 2.43 per game

=3. Alex Woods - Gladbach - 245pts avg 1.98 per game

4. Dan Fransisco - Sevilla - 238pts avg 2.18 per game

5. Paul Smut - Udinese - 210pts avg 2.08 per game

6. Noisy - Wolfsburg - 207pts avg 1.85 per game

7. Kartavya Patel - Lazio - 205pts avg 1.90 per game

=7, True Blue - Evertin - 205pts avg 1.68 per game

8. Nikidinho - Hoffenheim - 204pts avg 2.08 per game

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