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Every Person's Dream


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Re: Every Person's Dream

Yes I already did. All GW's simply fail' date=' because of SM's poor match-engine, ratings, positions, tactics etc.[/quote']

No, they fail because of people like you.

lol you're just a sad loser.

Thanks for letting me know what type of manager you are. ;)

Because you haven't won a single match you quit. WHO CARES!? I'm doing extremely bad as well' date=' I honestly couldn't care less as I put together a team for the 'future'.

Your arguments are complete garbage as you should just quit SM, but you won't. You'll just join another GW and do the same.

Good luck with that.

[i']Note to self:[/i] Biblis is a loser, try to avoid GW he's in. New GW? Let the creator know so he hopefully can't join;).


Very mature response, Biblis. You can decide if that's sarcasm. You really should have shown Noisy some respect though, as Pedro said.

Anyway, I never even was in this GW, I just check the thread sometimes to see how things are going. Kthxbai

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Re: Every Person's Dream

I agree with Barry and Nik: people make or break a GW.

Bad results aren't a reason to leave. I consider myself a fairly good manager, but I ain't perfect. If I'm not mistaken, there's this GW I recently joined, where I had 6 winless games in a row (4 of them losses). I didn't quit.

When things go south, I get even more determined. I want to prove I can get back on my feet.

That said, I don't like hearing this GW is dead. If everybody feels the same way I do, it won't die. Maybe we can introduce some internal deals' rules (from season 2 onwards), in order to make things dynamic. I'm more than happy with my squad, but I'd sacrifice that for the setup's level of interest. I won't quit unless I'm forced to (if I see everyone quitting).

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