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Match Reports On Your Favorite Team (OR MORE) Not In A Forumer Setup

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Re: Match Reports On Your Favorite Team (OR MORE) Not In A Forumer Setup


Leeds win English Shield

Two days ago, Leeds United flew to the Old Trafford to play Manchester United in the prestigious English Shield.

The match kicks off, Florent Malouda opens this scoring in the 26th minute with a Wonderful full Volley that passes helpless Goalkeeper Edwin Van Der Sar with ease, Amauri gets Leeds there second goal with a Elastico that opens up space for the Brazilian then gets a brilliant finesse shot past the keeper, Phillipe Mexes mucks up at Defense which gives an easy chance for Centre-Mid Luis Anderson to finish with ease.


Half Time: Manchester United 1-2 Leeds United

Leeds Uniteds Top-Scorer Honorato Nilmar gets an amazing goal which makes the commentators say ''The keeper had no chance! Were running out of superlatives to describe this guy! He's on fire!'', Luciano Galletti scores a Scremer with ease then sees Leeds United defenders screaming at there Goalie.GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! NILMAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR!!!!, Nilmar scores his second to make the night Leeds night by scoring a wonderful Header!!.


Full Time: Manchester United 2-4 Leeds United

Transfer News:


Leeds have completed the signing of German Center-Mid Simon Rolfes for a deal to be 6m plus Ismael Aissati and a Swedish Flop.Vlad said that Simon Rolfes will be a regular player for leads due to being a Versatile player.

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Guest Toggs

Re: Match Reports On Your Favorite Team (OR MORE) Not In A Forumer Setup


Toggs has had some of his 2nd string and loanee's rise in the last few days. All of Tasci (89>90), Helmes (87>89), Dzeko (87>89), Henrique (86>88) & Compper (84>87) rose in the last week too give Toggs a somewhat powerful second team.

Manchester United sit top with 15 points from their opening 6 matches. Berbatov's 6 goals from 6 appearences has given the side a huge boost Toggs says, aswell as ROnaldo & Maxi Rodriguez, causing havoc in the Manchester midfield.

Manchester United face Tottenham with every player, with the exception of David Villa, 90% fit. Villa though will partner Berbatov upfront. The central midfield is expected too be occupied by Senna, Anderson & Carrick as Toggs expects too play a 5 man midfield with Ronaldo & Maxi on the wings. Evra, Rafinha & Pepe will start in a 3 man defense, with Van Der Sar in goal.

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Re: Match Reports On Your Favorite Team (OR MORE) Not In A Forumer Setup

Hi to everyone. I am new here and I’d like to write you about the club I support - Vojvodina FC from Serbia. You may find a lot of pictures and video materials from Vojvodina’s matches. I hope you‘ll like it.



Napredak FC - Vojvodina FC 2:1

Match report


Vojvodina - Beograd 1:1



Borac - Vojvodina 1:1



Vojvodina - Rad 0:1



Banat - Vojvodina 0:1



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Re: Match Reports On Your Favorite Team (OR MORE) Not In A Forumer Setup

Manchester United

Norfolk League

First Team:

-----------Van Der Sar----------






Second Team:

-----------Van Der Sar©----------



Hleb--------------------David Silva




Division One Winners Season 8

Division One Winners Season 9

Division One Cup Winners Season 9

Manager Points:

Total Points: 118

Number Games: 37

Average Points: 3.19

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Re: Match Reports On Your Favorite Team (OR MORE) Not In A Forumer Setup


AC Milan

European Championship 1196

Manager Conor Bowen was today confirmed as the new AC Milan boss.

The news sent shockwaves around the footballing world, after former Milan boss

Carlo Ancelotti left to join Chelsea. Bowen was given £26.4M to spend on making the team 'better'.


Forza Milan

Bowen wasted no time in making changes to the team.

Legendary striker Filippo Inzaghi will leave the club for £2M and join Sevilla.

Also a deal for Raul Albiol has been accepted by the Valencia manager.

It will see £20M and Defender Alessandro Nesta leave milan and join Valencia.

Bowen has also stated Carlos Tevez is his main target and feels that Tevez would do nicely.

But the Manchester United remains defiant Tevez is staying.


In with the new...out with the old

Bowen's first game in charge will be against Arsenal at the San Siro;tomorrow night, Kick Off 8:00PM.

Bowen expects a good game, even with his team not 'ready' yet.

More News comeing soon.

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Re: Match Reports On Your Favorite Team (OR MORE) Not In A Forumer Setup

My Manchester United Record win!

Div 1- Wednesday 3 Jun 2009

Old Trafford (76,212)

Manchester United Vs Sunderland

Team line ups

Manchester United

1.E.Van Der Sar










11.R.van Nistleroy













the match kicked off!

6:Ruud Van Nistleroy missed kicked the ball it went wide!

20::eek:Goal,A great strike from Ruud Van nistleroy!

28::eek:Goal,Ryan Giggs climed over the defender and headed the ball in the back of the net!

29:Rade Prica shot from 25 yard and the shot went wide!

32::eek:Goal,Cristiano Ronaldo hit an earlie shot on the edge of the box and the shot left the keeper Stranded!

40:Rade Prica looked up into the sky in disbelief has he hit the ball over the Crossbar FROM 6-YARDS!

43::eek:Goal,Ryan Giggs Ran into the box and scored from 16-Yards!

Half Time Manchester United 4-0 Sunderland

47:A clash in the box left the ball in the middle of the box with no one on it but Samuel Eto'o Hammered it over the Bar!

49:Cristiano Ronaldo headed the ball wide of the post!

52::eek:Goal,Cristiano Ronaldo controls a wounderfull long pass and he Volleys it into the Net!

56:Ruud Van Nistleroy shot into the Empty net!But no it goese over the bar!no Wounder hese looking at the Ground!

57:;)Booked,Jimmy Bullard recieves a Yellow Card after a Rash Tackle!

58:G.Raul smashes the Ball But it HITS THE CROSSBAR!

60:Jimmy Bullard heads Inches Wide!

67:;)Booked,E.Diouf Recieves a Yellow Card from a bad Challange!

79::eek:Goal,Ruud van Nistleroy was open and goese past all the defenders and slowly rolls the ball into the BACK OF THE NET!

84::(Booked,N.Vidic is booked by a stupid Challange!

85::eek:Goal,Micheal Essain fly past the keeper and taps it into the empty net!

86:;)Rade Prica gets a yellow card after using Bad Launguage!

Full Time Manchester United 7-0 Sunderland

Player Ratings

Van Der Sar 9

N.Vidic 5

I.Cordoba 6

R.Ferdinand 6

A.Iniesta 7

M.Essien 8

C.Ronaldo 7

R.Giggs 9

S.Eto'o 8

G.Raul 8

R.Van Nistleroy 8

M.Fulop 6

P.Bardsley 5

G.Mccartney 5

A.Ferdinand 5

N.Nosworthy 5

J.Bullard 4

G.Leadbitter 5

E.Douf 5

D.Cisse 5

R.Prica 4

D.Healy 5

And thats my best win to Date!

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Re: Match Reports On Your Favorite Team (OR MORE) Not In A Forumer Setup

Logged into my Real Madrid side in a world championship, that is 3 games in and check my result...and this came up....


Now Raul started the first game, didnt score and didnt assist or mom...second game 7 goals 2 assists, but funnily no mom lmao! Just thought i would share this with the sm community :)

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Re: Match Reports On Your Favorite Team (OR MORE) Not In A Forumer Setup

my favourite team by an absoulete mile is my newcastle in EC 2400, i was in charge for them for 67 games and won my english cup in the first season and then i got bored and quit the game, they then got took over by someone who didnt really manage them and bought noone in or sold noone and i was able to take charge of them again, i have now completely ripped that side out and started again infact the only 2 players i have from the original newcastle side are bassong and given as given is top class and bassong is a great riser but will probably be sold on once he gets his rise to 88, i have now been in charge for 18 matches but they got relegated in the gap from when i left to when i returned however i am basically promoted after 19 games i have a gap to 2nd place norwich of 9 points and the gap to 3rd placed charlton is 19 points, once i get promoted i think winning the english cup again is a realistic target as well as winning the league or getting into the top 4 which is what i did in my first season.

its my team which makes it special i suppose and why its my favourite team, i started off with the newcastle team the year before we got relegated and had gilberto and jaaskelainen as well and made it into what it is i remember in my first year i had no depth but now i have 61 players on the books and 4 loaned in out in Keirrison,Hulk,Sanchez Watt and Sandro my wage bill is too high so will sell a lot of my youth team and go for a marquee player such as Eto'o or De Rossi as some players finally come of TBs tommorow so can lower my wage bill down

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Re: Match Reports On Your Favorite Team (OR MORE) Not In A Forumer Setup

Logged into my Real Madrid side in a world championship' date=' that is 3 games in and check my result...and this came up....


Now Raul started the first game, didnt score and didnt assist or mom...second game 7 goals 2 assists, but funnily no mom lmao! Just thought i would share this with the sm community :)

WTH some massive mash-up think with match engine. Raul = 7Goals in 1 Match

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Re: Match Reports On Your Favorite Team (OR MORE) Not In A Forumer Setup


The dream division 2 Challenge

Swansea City

Season 1 - Turn 27


Balotelli is on his way to the Liberty to complete a £10 million move

My Swansea City have been taking huge steps forward in recent weeks, i'm in my first season and i'm trying to get Swansea City into divison 1 and make them a very good divison 1 side, in the long run.

I find myself 7 points clear at the top of the table, with 27 games gone, with 15 wins, 8 draws and just 4 defeats. Despite playing just the one forward, I have scored the most in the league, with a total of 53 goals and the tightest defence in the league conceding only 29.


Dorus De Vries is a key part of the tightest defence in the league

I had been riding my luck eariler on in the season, with more or less the same Swansea side, getting rid of bound for drops Guillem Bouza, Cedric Van Der Gun and Jordi Lopez. And signing some quality players, in Josa Sosa, Reuben De La Red and Cristian Molinaro. With a few young signings rising, in Eden Hazard and Romelo Lukaku. I did manage to secure loan deals for James Collins and Phillip Degen, but their was also limited quality throughout the side, but the tactics and my knowledge of my hometown team paid off, using the middle of midfield do dominate games.


Josa Sosa, was a key part of an overachieving Swansea side, before leaving to fund a deal for Gareth Barry

But in recent weeks, i've really started to move on, and deserve my place at the top of the table. Managing to pull of a deal for Lee Hodson, for just 50k, allowing Marcos Painter to join Bristol City for £1.6 million. Then the transfer bans started to run out, with Jose Sosa and Reuben De La Red leaving for a combined fee of £23.5 million. Swansea have already brung in Wayne Bridge, Pablo Hernandez and Park-Ji Sung, for a total of £16.8 million. Swansea have also got rid off players they will no longer need up-front, with the loan signing of Carlos Costly. Gorka Pintado joined Birmingham, with Stephen Dobbie joining Coventry. Swansea are now letting Lee Trundle to go to Swindon, with Molinaro set to leave for £10 million. Angel Dealbert, Balotelli and Gareth Barry will all join Swansea before Wednesday's game, away to Crystal Palace. Interest in the cheap valued, Ottl, to strengthen numbers in central midfield after Reuben De La Red and Jose Sosa left, as they prepare themselves for the rest of the season. And hopefully next season in divison 1.

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Re: Match Reports On Your Favorite Team (OR MORE) Not In A Forumer Setup

SEARCH :) YC Mega World Championship :)

Join this new custom gameworld, just been made!!!

Great teams still available!!!




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Re: Match Reports On Your Favorite Team (OR MORE) Not In A Forumer Setup

Hey All, I've just opened a brand new custom gameworld and we need managers to fill the squads!

Were crying out for you, come and join! Already pretty active but want as many in as possible before sunday nights big Kick-off!


Hope to see you all there,


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Re: Match Reports On Your Favorite Team (OR MORE) Not In A Forumer Setup

Division 3 English Chamiponship 7 Swindon Town

Season 16

Pos Team----------------- P GD Pts

1 Boston United ©--------38 45 87

2 Grimsby Town (P)--------38 46 84

3 Birmingham City (P)------38 47 75

4 SWINDON TOWN---------38 33 75

5 Brighton and Hove Albion 38 34 74

6 Portsmouth--------------38 29 67

7 West Bromwich Albion----38 11 66

8 Leeds United------------38 13 60

9 Yeovil Town------------38 2 53

10 Queens Park Rangers---38 -3 52

11 Port Vale--------------38 -10 47

12 Preston North End------38 -29 45

13 Watford---------------38 -16 43

14 Rotherham United------38 -17 40

15 Rushden & Diamonds---38 -21 36

16 Crewe Alexandra-------38 -25 36

17 Southampton----------38 -41 34

18 Millwall ®------------38 -25 30

19 Bradford City ®------38 -34 27

20 Leicester City ®-----38 -39 26

This was a good season for my Swindon Town all apart from the last 4 games that is when my team's form just vanished 3 defeats in the last 4 games ended a 3 hourse race for promotion and i then lost to Brighton in the playoffs who id beat twice in the league anyway the world cup is about to get going in this set up and i am Holland who have a decent chance. As for Swindon iv got a bit of money to spend for next season i sold Robinho 28y 93r to Cheltenham for 8 mill pluss Arshavin 30y 91r and Samuel 33y 91r this leaves me with good funds to bring in another 90 rated or young 88 or 89 which i hope will make the difference next season.

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Re: Match Reports On Your Favorite Team (OR MORE) Not In A Forumer Setup

New Dawn at Cork


Typical title, yes, but in this case, the long term project of Cork City will fulfil this to the maximum.

Cork City Info:

Budget: £18.5M (Below average in setup)

Team value: 48.6M (Higher than average)

Average Rating: 78 (Below average)

Players: 21

Best players: Gustavo, Storari, Ferreira, Rivas, Suazo, Flanagan.

League Info:

Custom Setup

Irish teams

4/10 teams taken. (We have the worst of the teams taken)

Shamrock have full domination, with a team worth £300M and an average rating of 91.

Aim: To compete with Shamrock in the League and financially.

News article:

New Era for Cork

Cork City present their new manager, Ryan Grosvenor to the media for the first time. And with an exclusive interview, Ryan has revealed his plans.

The new manager, Ryan Grosvenor plans to completely overhaul the squad, selling every player with the hope of gaining some experienced players, youth and raise funds for future transfers.

He will recruit straight away some very low players to increase the squad size and will focus on the first team squad for now.

League position isn't important to him at present as his first goal is to increase the funds available for Cork. This is due to Cork having one of the lowest budgets in the first division, although their squad is worth more than many teams.

In our interview he said: 'I am 100% here for the long term and my target is to compete with Shamrock both on the pitch and financially within a couple of seasons, I am very excited about the challenge that is Cork.'

So, will Shamrock be toppled soon?

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Re: Match Reports On Your Favorite Team (OR MORE) Not In A Forumer Setup

Barcelona in a Custom Setup

I have turned this team into one of the youngest teams in the league with an excellent first team squad but also a promising youth squad

Transfers In (158):

Jay SIMPSON £300k

Armand TRAORE £1.6Ml


Andre AYEW £300k

Elliot OMOZUSI £10k

Kieran GIBBS £175k

Joe HART £1.7M

Marko MARIN £850k

Jiménez ALVARO £70k

Miralem PJANIC £10k

Vito MANNONE £10k

Stevan JOVETIC £4.8M

Moussa SISSOKO £375k

Daniel STURRIDGE £10k

David N'GOG £175k

Neven SUBOTIC £300k

JO £12.0M

Sascha STUDER £55k

Toni KROOS £175k

Gareth BALE £8.3M

Scott SINCLAIR £1.6M

Gregory VAN DER WIEL £750k

Mamadou SAKHO £850k

Marc VALIENTE £275k

Sebastian GIOVINCO £425k

Mats HUMMELS £800k

Kasper SCHMEICHEL £750k

Luís NANI £10.0M

Absoloutely fascinating seeing the prices of these deals and generally just a great thread to read. I've kept the best ones from this posters' team in the quote. Sturridge for 10k! Jo for 10 million!! :o:eek:

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Re: Match Reports On Your Favorite Team (OR MORE) Not In A Forumer Setup

We have just created a new custom league, 80 top teams. looking for committed managers who want a challenge. We had 51 managers who wanted to be put into a draw. when the draw was done, fairly at that they dropped out because they didnt get a top team. there are atill lots of top teams left and we are looking to do a draw again, but want committed managers. 90% of manager have 200+ rating so will be very competative league, All managers have a say in what rules are.

please message me if anyone is interested

some teams still available

AC Milan

Real Madrid



Athletico Madrid

plus more

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Re: Match Reports On Your Favorite Team (OR MORE) Not In A Forumer Setup

Sevilla - WC 267

Current Position: 5th

Current Division: 1

SMFA Champions Cup: Quarter-finals

Cup: Round of 64 (E)

Shield: Semi-finals (E)

Transfers in:

Robert Lewandowski

Juan Bernat

Johannes Geis

Paco Alcacer

Christian Gunter

Koel Casteels

Niklas Sule

Tiemoue Bakayako

Jose Gimenez

Alessio Romagnoli

Martin Odegaard

Adnan Januzaj


Ricardo Rodriguez

... and other promising players

Transfers out:

Lukasz Piszczek

Branislav Ivanovic

Alex Song

Maroaune Fellaini

Thomas Vermaelon

Neil Taylor

... and other flops

Goal: top 4

Remaining fixtures: 8

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