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Gauranteed fallers/ Money binners


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Re: Gauranteed fallers/ Money binners

I disagree. It is Pirlo who deserves a 97' date=' not Gattuso. Gattuso should stay at 96 IMO![/quote']

They are World class but they are not doing very well for Milan just now and I think that they would be lucky to keep their current ratings.

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Re: Gauranteed fallers/ Money binners

Here are some players playing in Germany who are soon to fall:

Jose Ernesto Sosa (22) Bayern Munchen 89->88

Daniel Van Buyten (29) Bayern Munchen 92->91

Tim Borowski (27) Bayern Munchen 92->91

Juan Pablo Sorin (31) Hamburger SV 92->90

Thimothee Atouba (25) Hamburger SV 87->86

Mohammed Zidan (25) Hamburger SV 90->88

Peter Lovenkrands (27) FC Shalke 04 88->86/87

Carlos Mineiro (32) Hertha BSC Berlin 92->91

Marcelinho (32) Wolfsburg 91->90

Vlad Munteanu (26) Wolfsburg 89->88

Anunciado Josue (28) Wolfsburg 91->90

Robert Kovac (33) Borussia Dortmund 90->89

Markus Daun (27) Duisburg 84->82

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Re: Gauranteed fallers/ Money binners

A few more :

Gilberto Silva (93) - obvious decrease when you consider Flamini (88) is keeping him out of the squad. -3

Fred (92) - 3 appearances and 0 goals compared to Benzema (89) 13 appearances and 11 goals. Enough said! -2

John Terry (97) - don't get me wrong, he's still a quality player but not as good this year as his last couple of seasons. Is he really better than Puyol (96) -1

Claude Makelele (93) - only 4 appearances and 0 goals. -3

Christian Wilhelmisson (90) - 6 appearances, all as a substitute and 0 goals. hasn't lived up to expectations -2

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Re: Gauranteed fallers/ Money binners

Christian Poulsen 92 rated - all the major sevilla have played more than him and yet he is rated more than all of them in a team struggling to live up to the heights of last year

Giampiero Pinzi 90 rated - only 21 minutes in 2 substitute appearances all season for 'overperforming' Udinese

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