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SM Worlds Suggested Improvements Discussion

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What the hell is up with Player Concerns.

It seems very quick to hand them out yet to decrease a concern takes forever!

Concerns do very little for hoarding of players, I can have a huge team of 250 players with all the up and coming talent I like yet any more than 11 players rated 89+ and it becomes near on impossible to manage.

The ease that people are able to cheat and the terrible player concern system are quickly making me bored and uninterested in the game.

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I'm suggesting manager's should be the one taking the decision on who to loan instead of the club chairman because most time good player eg.(90-92)rating will not have playing opportunity.so they should be loan out.the managers are the one to decid who to play not the chairman,so to give them some playing time and avoid player concern. SMFA let the manager take full control on who to loan-out .fellow manager's if u all agree make u intention known via comment.THANKS

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