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Over 300M vanished, no help from SM


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Long story short, I left a club I was manager of, leaving them with a balance of over 350M. A few days later I decided to rejoin them, but now they only have 17.1M. No players were sold or bought in the short time I was gone, so there is no reason for so much money to have vanished.

Twice I have reported it as a bug to SM, and on both occasions I was told it wasn't a bug, with no other explanation, and the tickets closed.

Any advice?

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Re: Over 300M vanished, no help from SM

I saw this with a Lyon team in one of my Gold worlds. They had a good squad & 50+m so was thinking of taking over.... Checked again a few days later & balance was just a couple of million with no transfer activity completed. :confused:

Sorry no help or answer! Hope someone can as interested what happened.

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