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.:Stokie Stories:.

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Re: .:Stokie Stories:.

So, perhaps a little background story as to why I took on the job as the Stoke manager and which gameworld this is about.

The gameworld is English Championship 32012 and the ID (if anyone'd like to join) is 236546.

I joined here with Preppens (my fellow swedish forumer) but he stabbed me in the back and left the gameworld like a little female dog! :P

I was going to leave with him but since a majority of my bids had been unrivalled I decided to stay for a while and see what would happen!

In the first wave I got Bernat, Tolisso, N'Koulou, James, Turan and Rakitic. That was enough for me to stick to this gameworld.

I actually only paid 3.1 million + Mame Diouf for James :D

I haven't even burned through my budget yet and I've got alot of players left I could use in PE deals... Like for instance I just replaced Andy Wilkinson (85) with Martin Caceres (89) :D

that's all for now ... I'll come back before the game against Everton!

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