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Forum Reputation System

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The Forum user reputation system provides a way of rating users based on the quality of their posts. User reputations allow the users in your community to tell others in the community which users are quality and which users are not.

When should I use it?

This is debatable, but as a general rule you should leave reputation if you feel strongly about a post. Always be constructive, even if you disagree. The forum moderators do moderate the reputation comments, which means we see what is said... so think about what you say! The people you leave feedback for will also see it. Please see the rules below, as everyone has a responsibility to use this tool correctly.

How do I use it?

When viewing any post, you will see some silver scales which you can select. You should then leave a comment and say whether you approve or disapprove of the comment. Submit, and the person you have left it for will be able to see your comment on their User CP.

User CP

When you view this you will see a list of comments and your reputation points total. Please report any abusive comments, and the user responsible will be dealt with as appropriate.

Reputation points

How many you have will have a few different effects. Firstly, you will have more green bars on each of your posts, as a reward for posting quality. You gain one bar for each 100 rep points, and hovering over the bars will give rise to a comment that gets better the more you have. For every 250 reputation points, you also get 1 reputation POWER point.

Rep Power points

This is your ability to influence the reputation points of others. For every rep power point you have, you can add or remove 1 rep point when commenting on someone's post.

250 rep points gives 1 rep power point. As does 1 year on the forum, or 1000 posts.

Your rep power is above the green bars.

Green bars

One green dot is given for every started 100 reputation points.

From 500 points on, one bright green dot is given for every started 200 reputation points.

Additional Points

  • You must leave reputation for multiple people before giving it to the same person again;
  • You must have posted 20 times before your reputation hits count on somebody's score;
  • All users start with 10 rep points;
  • The reputation system grants no privileges outside the rep system;
  • You can only rep 25 times a day. So use them wisely!


Abuse of the system will not be tolerated. Below are some examples of misuse of the tool. This is not a complete list, common sense is the best approach, and all rules (see Forum Rules & Regulations) extend to the rep system also:

  • Rep Bumping - This is when people leave rep to raise someone else's rep points or power;
  • Rep Begging - Posting asking for rep. PM'ing asking for rep. Repping asking for rep. Asking for rep in signatures or usernames. Any form of pressure to rep is not allowed;
  • Rep Announcing/Rewarding - Telling members on thread youve left them Rep or will give them some for helping out ,this can be considered as a hint for some back .
    All members will see from user CP who/when and which thread no need to forcast it,will be treated as Spam.
  • Rep Roundabouts - Repping between the same group of people back and forth in order to raise rep quickly and secretly;
  • Empty Reps - Rep given without any comments. Will be assumed to be rep bumping.
  • Rep Bribing - Offering rep as a reward/sweetener for anything given in return either on or off the forum.

Usernames, usertitles, signatures are not allowed to contain references to rep.

If any of these rules are broken, or any misuse of the rep system occurs, the SM Dev/Supervisors reserve the right to remove the rep, remove people's ability to rep, reduce their reputation power or points, and even to ban members, as they see fit. Devs/Supervisors also reserve the right to check people's private messages if they suspect that any activities that break the above rules are being conducted through this system

NB: Due to abuse of the system, the ability to leave negative reputation has been removed. If a post you would have liked to have neg repped breaks any forum rules, use the report button or contact a mod.

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