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Should we play AFCON 2015 predict game?

Should we play AFCON 2015 predict game?  

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The question is crystal clear as in the poll and title of this thread.

I can't personally running the competition, but muallan offered to run it. As in the case with World Cup last year, I can't guarantee there will be a fancy prize since it's from SM part not the organizer but what I can guarantee is it will be a fun competition, after all not everyday you can show off your skill in predicting a match between Equatorial Guinea vs Congo ;)

If any of you wondering how this game works, then please take a look at 2013 Afcon prediction thread here http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=136826

PS: It will be great if you can advertise this so more people can join if we go ahead with the predict games, remember more people more fun & challenging ;)

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