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New English Championship?

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I have made this thread here to continue talks away from the English Championship threads. The whole point of this thread is to try to create a strong English Championship gameworld structure before the gameworld is even created. Now, I'd like to have it be a official English Championship, but with that it's hard to make sure the gameworld stays strong due to the fact that anyone can join and then mess it up, and there is really no FA to make the gameworld more fair(because of the current system of SM), and thus more desirable. If this is the case, the other option so far is to make a Custom emulating a English Championship, with modifications to help preserve it. It would give more control over the gameworld, but it would be more difficult to keep going. I'm not going to force my ideas, and I welcome anyone's ideas on this matter. Also, if you'd like to express your interest in such an idea, please do so so we can further develop the plans. I would be providing all or the bulk of the coins(depending on Standard or Custom) in the creation of such a gameworld. I would take Derby County.



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