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FOTY '14 Knockout round | Matt72 vs. Ray1981

FOTY '14 Knockout round | Matt72 vs. Ray1981  

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Re: FOTY '14 Knockout round | Matt72 vs. Ray1981

I'm didn't even realise we had drawn or whatever until I was told, shows how much attention I paid to it :P

Il vote for Matt because I ain't got any choice......:)

Also if I vote for him it might actually be a name I recognise voting for him ;):)

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Re: FOTY '14 Knockout round | Matt72 vs. Ray1981

What happens if this is a tie?

Personally' date=' I'd fancy the Geordie if it came down to a winner takes all fight.[/quote']


I done Karate for Ohhh let me see at least two weeks when I was about eight....

Who cares anyway? They're both dismal Doreens.
I voted for Ray for no apparent reason.

It's because you like me' date=' your like the guy at school who continually belittles his girl classmate but in reality he really really likes her and is just doing a good job of trying to conceal his real feelings ;)

Fluffster, can you create one more group to vote on for excrements and giggles?

The group to include Fern, Knicker Sniffer (Zlook) and Big T (Tony).

One with the fewest votes picks up the wooden spoon.

I can see Fern being very impressed to be in this group, I have long advocated a series of different awards being handed out,

How about one for my personal trolls? There'd be at least a dozen.

We need names and reasons :P

I thought you already had a "special abuse" list anyway.....I think it must surely take a certain amount of charachter and class to be in this elite field...

I mean I know you have fluffy on there but secretly I think you are a massive fan of Fluffy's work particuarly his infraction work.....

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