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Cam's Premier League World

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Re: Premier League World. They shall no longer be known as Spurs or Tottenham but they will be known as Cock on a ball.

Re: Cam's Premier League World Chievo Verona starting 11 Bench is still waiting for two more transfers to be completed, will average about 85. After that I will have a couple of million left fo

Re: Cam's Premier League World Well, My man Dorrans got the assist in this one, making it 2-0 to Lens against espanYOLO after a Clyne header sealed a 1-0 league victory! Fluffy can never handle this

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Re: Premier League World.

Oh Oh Oh you swine... is this some sort of sick payback for EC6709 :mad:

Cross my heart and hope to die that was random draw! also i am losing that this season to Everton XD. I love that its my only non competitive GW. My 11 now is

Neuer 96, Ramos,Silva,Lahm 95 (Kompany and alaba on the bench)

Alonso -Biscuits (oscar + martinez + Pogba bench)

Ronaldo - Gotze/Hazard?Neymar

Costa - Suarez - Messi

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Re: Premier League World.

Pedro looking forward to taken those easy points from you :rolleyes:


Anyway, I read , prior to the GW creation, that Cam was considering a setup's name change. But it was created fast, so I didn't have the chance to suggest an alternative name.

This one is perfectly fine, but being a lunatic, I was gonna suggest "Fish & Chips". :o Why? Coz me likey food. So I thought: EPL -> England -> fish and chips. :P

If instead of just buying players from the EPL, we were only allowed to buy players from Ligue 1, things would be a lot worse. In case I had to choose a name inspired on the French gastronomical habits, I would probably have suggested "Frogs, Snails and Horses". :eek:

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