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with the latest round of Barça changes, we got a lot of good changes, but a few really poor ones (no drop for Alves, no rise for Alba) and then Piqué and Neymar...

Piqué was Barça's best defender last season, excelling in every big game especially against Manchester City and El Clasico. Barça's season only fell apart when he got injured against Atletico Madrid (check what Atleti did to Barça in his absence).

this season, bar a terrible mistake in El Clasico, he's also been brilliant when called on. has been a brick wall in the recent victories over Atletico Madrid. to drop him to 94 when he's been no worse a defender than Ramos or Silva (Ramos has been peerless on the attacking end) over the last 12 months is nonsense. if Ramos gets a bump to 96, fine, but Piqué has been no worse than Thiago Silva and should be rated as highly.

also Neymar only being rated 94... I mean, are you really saying Eden Hazard's accomplishments and ability put him on a par with Neymar? is that really what SM are saying? given Robben and Ribery have gotten their deserved bumps to 96, how did Neymar only go to 94? bar Aguero, Costa and Reus he is considerably better than everyone else who is rated 94 and that should be reflected.

both men should be rated 95. it's absurd they aren't and I hope SM makes these changes ASAP.

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Re: Respuesta: Piqué and Neymar

I totally agree with you.

Moreover' date=' I think Bartra has to be 90[/quote']

probably, yeah. I mean he's a Spanish international and a very solid defender whenever called upon. 89 at least.

mind you with Piqué dropped to 94, Pepe not getting bumped back to 93, Varane still rated 90 and Bartra still only 88, as well as Miranda and Godin being 92 and 93 (they should both be rated 94 or 95 at this point, Miranda in particular has been the best DEFENDER in the world since early 2013) I'm starting to think SM has no idea how to rate La Liga centre-backs.

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