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James Rodriguez Rating Poll 93 or Not ?


James Rodriguez Rating Poll 93 or Not ?  

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    • 92 ?
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Does anyone also feel James Rodriguez deserves a 93 despite only rising to 92 in today's rating changes.?

How Neymar is +2 ahead of James is beyond me. James is far more the established player and has far more European pedigree.

I don't understand at all why he isn't a 93.

Was phenomenal for a newly promoted Monaco guiding them to a 2nd place finish which in its own right is more than worthy for a +1.

Had a phenomenal World Cup and was by far the stand out player +1 which is a no brainer.

Earned a 80 Million Euro Transfer to Real Madrid in the process and has been brilliant for Real Madrid so far, and is statistically one of Real Madrid's best player. +1

3 separate instances where he should have been given a +1 yet he has only been a +1.

Neymar on the other hand

Confenderations Cup +1

Transfer to Barcelona before kicking a single ball +1 = 93

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Re: James Rodriguez Rating Poll 93 or Not ?

finishing second in Ligue 1 doesn't deserve a +1 to 92. he was fairly rated at 91.

whether or not he deserved a bump for the World Cup is moot because if he got one then Neymar would deserve one too. look what a shambles Brazil turned into when he got hurt.

he's done OKAY for Madrid, not as good as Neymar for Barcelona last year but has rightfully gotten his bump to 92. if he keeps this up and Madrid wins something he'll justly get a bump to 93.

bear in mind Alexis Sanchez was brilliant for Barcelona last season (much better than James has been) and never rose above 92, and Javier Mascherano has been an OUTSTANDING defender for Barcelona since 2011 and never got back to 94 after he was unfairly bumped for 6 months of bad form in late 2010.

also Neymar is a vastly superior player to James, something that has been evident since, well, since forever. frankly Neymar should be rated 95 at this point and was only held back because he was playing in Brazil. the insta-bump to 93 when he joined Barça was deserved for his play for Santos and Brazil. and given the World Cup and his subsequent brilliance for Barça, his latest bump should have been +2 to 95.

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Re: James Rodriguez Rating Poll 93 or Not ?

James Rodriguez will more than likely get his 93 on an individual rating change some point this year depending on if he keeps up his consistency, his form, ability and if Real Madrid win the league or Champions League with him being in the team til the end. The same goes for Neymar to get to 95.

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