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Arsenal- Hleb


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Arsenal have been doing brilliantly this seasons. Thanks to the likes to Fabregas, Rosicky, Adebayor, Toure, Gallas, Clichy. A great job in europe as well.

But the newspapers and media have been surrounding Fabregas, overshadowing the performance of Hleb.

Smashed Inter milan pre- season tour,

Scored a vital goal at the beginning of the season against Fulham,

Dribble superbly past 2 man city players to set up Fabregas.

He was unplayable against Slavia Prague, setting up fabregas first goal, setting up the own goal, scoring the fourth and setting up walcott.

A genius in the game against liverpool, setting up Fabregas.

brilliantly trickery against reading and scoring a goal.

What more can this man produce for Arsenal. Watch him play and u'll find he is one of the best AM in europe.

I believe he proudly deserves 92/93 rating. Send in your thoughts and comments

Hleb's season so far for Arsenal. 23/11/2007


|Appearances | Goals | Assist |


| 15 | 05 | 6 |


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Re: Arsenal- Hleb

I agree. I was hoping for him to be sold after last season; but hes a totally different player now. Scoring and assisting in style, and has the best close ball control in the prem for me. Definatley a 92 if not 93, when you compare him to rosicky at 93 who is injured more often than not and doesnt perform, then hleb should be at least 93

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Re: Arsenal- Hleb

Thanks for comments, Also keep this in Mind.

I believe some of the players that are listed below UNDOUBTLY not better than This player-maker on Arsenal FC. Send in your thoughts on whether you agree or disagree with these and give me some that i missed out on perhaps.

These people rated 92 are not better than Hleb:

- Ambrosini









-Pizarro, david

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Re: Arsenal- Hleb

Agree that Hleb deserves a 92, but comparing him to half of the players in that list is plain silly - Ambrosini, Miniero et al are holding players who do an entirely different job....

Also what's with the Poulsen bashing? Great player for Sevilla, another holding player though so not really relevent to this thread IMO

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Re: Arsenal- Hleb

Out of all the players listed who are 92....only Angulo and Giuly play in the same position as him!!:D

So you can't really compare' date=' players like Tiago are a better defensive midfielder....

Agreed however, Hleb deserves an increase :)[/quote']

Note, can you use search next time before creating a new thread:)

Here's the thread for Hleb:-


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