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Trying to understand player values.

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I manage Rushden and Diamonds in a competitive gameworld. Obviously managing a small team is quite tough and every penny counts. You are trying to buy good players to improve your team but as soon as you buy a player with a higher rating it decimates the value of half your squad!

Is there any way of predicting what impact it will have on the ret of your squad when you buy a particular player. Below is an example of something that just happened to me.

I recently bought Robinho for my team. Here are the Values of the other members of my squad who play in a position he can play before and and after buying him.

Ntep 7.2m - 5.8m

Casnos 7.2m - 5.8m

Shaquiri 11.1m - 11.1m

Depay 14.5m - 13.7m

Bakkali 3.9m - 3.7m

Coutinho 3.1m - 2.9m

Cartabia 4.9m - 4.9m

De Arrascaeta 3.8m - 3.6m

To me there is absolutely no logic going on here Robinho AM/F RLC you could argue is in direct competition with Shaqiri AM RLR and yet he makes no difference to his value while he takes over a million off the values of Casnos and Ntep ?? and it is clearly not just because Shaqiri is rated the same as Robinho whereas the other two are lower, because Depay who is 89 (same as Shaqiri and Robino) also lost almost a million of value!

Can someone help me with this, even if it is just so I know the implications of future transfers.

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