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2015 Copa America


2015 Copa America  

  1. 1.

    • Chile
    • Mexico
    • Ecuador
    • Argentina
    • Uruguay
    • Paraguay
    • Brazil
    • Colombia
    • Peru
    • Bolivia,Jamaica or Venezuela

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I don't like Suárez, basically because he's racist.

But I totally get what you're saying.

I too come from a non-powerful nation (with few inhabitants), which isn't profitable for the organising institutions, in big football competitions.

In a 98 WC qualifying match, we were beating Germany away and controlling the match.

Then, Mr. Batta decided to do sth I've never seen anywhere else in football: he sent a player off for not running like a maniac when he was being subbed.

We were down to 10 men and Germany equalised. If Germany had lost, I believe they'd miss the 98 WC.

Well, that would have been horrible news for FIFA: Portuguese people don't have nearly as much money to spend as German people do, especially when the tournament would take place in a neighbour country.

So, Mr. Batta kept Portugal out of the 98 WC.

Every time Portugal gets close to winning a big competition, we get pushed down: it happened twice vs France (in 2000 and 2006).

The only exception was Euro 2004, because we were the host nation.

Even then we weren't helped by refs - not that I wanted it ofc.

But we lost to Greece, because we were incompetent and we had Scolari as coach, who couldn't see the obvious: we should have played a wing based game, like Portugal usually does well.

Besides, Greece had a super slow LB, called Fyssas...

In the last WC we were absolutely robbed vs the US, but, unlike Portugal, they could put 30000+ people inside a Brazilian stadium.

We were also robbed vs Germany, but we would have lost by like 2, instead of 4.

And in 2002, against South Korea.

Being these football institutions (FIFA, UEFA, etc) so corrupt, national teams like Uruguay and Portugal need be a lot better than more powerful countries, if they want to win a big competition.

Portugal have an extremely talented generation coming through (kids between 18 and 23 years old), but they'll never win a WC; maybe they'll win a Euro, if they're very very lucky.

After all, UEFA still manages to be less corrupt than FIFA... :o

As for Copa América, I'd like Peru to win (if not, then Paraguay) - anyone but Chile, really.

I have nothing against them, but the way the ref won them the game vs Uruguay was a joke.

I simply don't want them to win becuase of that.

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Vargas with a bang !

Gonzalo Jara banned for 3 games for his disgusting behavior in Chile - Uruguay game; not enough' date=' imo. Mainz also outraged and want to offload Jara, good.[/quote']


But there has to be something behnid this,i just cant beilive Jara would do that to Cavani for no reason.

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Chile beat 4-1 Argentina on penalties, after 0-0 draw in 90 mins; a very well deserved win for the Chileans.

Messi was the only Argentine that scored from the white spot..Alexis Sanchez with the winning penalty kick!

Copa America - Team of the tournament:


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