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Confused about Custom Game world schedule Kick-0ffs

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I have a game world I created not to long ago. I have a few rules in the game world. One of the things I did was leave all rosters empty so that managers could start with a clean slate. so, far after 2-weeks im only 20% full. In this case, is the custom GW automated to the point it will fill the roster itself on a given date?, or will it not begin until all manager positions are filled? I did quit my club and join one of the nonmanaged clubs to randomly fill it's roster, then went back to my club immediately so as not to have that join a club quit a club look on my history. Anyways, that did not work..all transfers were immediately voided when I left the particular club. I did pm a few experienced forumer's on this matter before I attempted this ridiculousness, but most were not sure and the others did not have enough experience in custom setup from the owners side of things. So, the question is..does the game world not begin until all clubs are naturally filled?

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