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There used to be a really good thread for 10k risers, but no one has posted to it since the SM changed the p/e values and transfers became pointless. I would love to join a game world where managers could only buy 10k valued players, this would really separate the good managers from the bad over the long term both in tactics and in player scouting.

Anyone else interested?

In the meantime, here are some 10k risers:

Giorgos Masouras

Marvin DIOP

Mehmet Umut NAYIR


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Re: 10k RISER

About ur idea, I'd be very interest in joining it. There are some 10k-er

Bingourou Kamara, 18 - FC Tours he'll be 75+ soon

Josias Basso, 25 - wrong club in game

Jan Koch, 19 - Mlada Boledav

Maxime Vandermeulen, 18 - RSC Chaleroi

Ibrahim Demir, 19 - Trabzonspor

Niall Maher, 19 - Bolton on loan at Blackpool

Cedric Goncalves, 21 - Clermont Foot

Mikkel Duelund, 16 - Midtjylland big talent

Botti Bia-Bi, 19 - Falkirk have risen to 70 recently but imo he'll rise more

James Maddison, 18 - Coventry City

Alex Jakubiak, 19 - Watford on loan at Dag and Red FC

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Re: 10k RISER

If we can get enough managers, then a 10k riser game world might be fun. I would say that money would not matter, perhaps a squad cap of X amount of players maximum? May be 100?

We would only be allowed to buy 70 rated or less, so it would all be about those risers to improve the team, and cups and leagues would really be won by the best tactics!

First we need a few more managers. Let me know your manager IDs so I can add you if interested.

Marin JAKOLIŠ got some minutes in the Belgium Premier League, he will one day rise to the dizzy heights of 73!

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