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José Gimenez and John stones

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Re: José Gimenez and John stones

There the same players in such sense. I mean they both play but there near the bottom of the pecking order at there clubs. Don't know much about Gimenez as I don't watch Spanish football that often. But Stones will be a mainstay in the Everton team in the coming years as Jagielka and Distin are 32 and 37 the latter probably his last season with The Toffees. Stones will be a future 88-90' date=' but coming back to your original question I can't see either of them rising in the next review imo.[/quote']

Well, i will have to disagree here, both will rise as they are both playing and will continue to play unless some injury comes along.

Stones will likely get a +1 to 87 at the end of the season, his English, he's young, he's capped, and he plays in the PL, besides the fact the he's talented.

José Gimenez will more likely get a +2 to 88, but a +3 isn't of the cards depending what the future holds for him and for atlético the next couple of months. He's regularly playing for Atlético, in La Liga and CL. He will rise a lot in the new future, especially if Miranda or Godin leaves in the summer. And if they don't he'll continue to rise more steadily but rise nevertheless. A Future 92+ in my opinion, just like Godin. The other reasons are, he's young, he's a regular presence for a good side NT and of course he's very talented.

Bottomline: Choose Gimenez for sure.

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Would like to reiterate the sentiments of vitor_mfc. Miranda has just recently been sold to Inter Milan so, unless Atletico plan on bringing in central defensive cover, expect Godin to partner Jose Gimenez next season. Gimenez's ceiling, in my eyes, is greater than that of John Stones. That's not to say I don't feel John Stones is a player and a talent because I do. I just believe Gimenez is a real rising star at the position. Another young central defender to keep an eye on is Ruben Vezo (Valencia) especially if Otamendi follows through with his comments about leaving. :)

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