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SM Predict - Season 3 - Week 14

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Massive congratulations this week go to Sam Wainwright (Baseball Furie) for amassing a huge 15 points and easily taking the win this week. Other notable scores saw Shelbourne come out of his recent slump and gain 11 points meaning he was the only other player in double figures. There were 2 newcomers this week and both did superbly. Welcome to both Gazza Thomas (9 points) and Mattyjewi (7 points).

On a sad note this week you may notice that Zazoon has been removed from the table and this is at his own request. A couple of others have also been removed due to not participating for 3 consecutive weeks. The following forumers will be removed next week if they do not play this week:-


James Eliapenda

So it's over to Sam now who has until Tuesday 27th November to post 8 fixtures for next weekend's football. Good luck to everyone this week and thanks to those that continue to play and make SM Predict so enjoyable!

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Re: SM Predict - Season 3 - Week 14

Ipswich Town 2 v 0 Barnsley

Staines Town 0 v 3 Peterborough

Institute 1 v 2 Linfield

Chelsea 2 v 0 West Ham United

Motherwell 0 v 1 Gretna

Caerfyrddin 1 v 3 Porthmadog

Central Coast Mariners 2 v 1 Sydney FC

Wisbech 2 v 2 Ipswich Wanderers (ESB)

I've had 5 points almost every week :( At least im consistent :D

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Re: SM Predict - Season 3 - Week 14

This weeks fixtures:

Ipswich Town v Barnsley

Staines Town v Peterborough

Institute v Linfield

Chelsea v West Ham United

Motherwell v Gretna

Caerfyrddin v Porthmadog

Central Coast Mariners v Sydney FC

Wisbech v Ipswich Wanderers (ESB)

Good luck to all B)

Ipswich 2 Barnsley 1

Staines Town 1 Peterborough 3

Institute 1 Linfield 4

Chelsea 2 West Ham 0

Motherwell 1 Gretna 0

Caerfyrddin 1 Porthmadog 1

Central Coast Mariners 1 Sydney FC 2

Wisbech 0 Ipswich Wanderers 1 (ESB)

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Re: SM Predict - Season 3 - Week 14

Ipswich Town 3 v 1 Barnsley

Staines Town 0 v 2 Peterborough

Institute 1 v 3 Linfield

Chelsea 3 v 0 West Ham United

Motherwell 3 v 0 Gretna

Caerfyrddin 2 v 0 Porthmadog

Central Coast Mariners 1 v 3 Sydney FC

Wisbech 1 v 2 Ipswich Wanderers (ESB)

I like what you've done there with the colours, so people can see who you think will win. One question, out of interest, what do you do if you think the game will be a draw? :D

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Re: SM Predict - Season 3 - Week 14

Ipswich Town 3-0 Barnsley

Staines Town 1-3 Peterborough

Institute 0-4 Linfield

Chelsea 2-1 West Ham United

Motherwell 3-0 Gretna

Caerfyrddin 2-1 Porthmadog*

Central Coast Mariners 1-0 Sydney FC

Wisbech 2-1 Ipswich Wanderers (ESB)

Does the Above welshleague Fixture Even Exsist ?

Even if Carmarthen AFC IS (caerfyrddn)

The home away is the wrong way around & confussues what way i want to predict

I would rather not predict but seen as though i wont likly be at a computer tommorow morning i have no choice so il make a random prediction anway.

CPD Porthmadog v Carmarthen Town AFC (14:15) 1st December :confused:

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