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SM Predict - Season 3 - Week 14

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Guest the plummer

Re: SM Predict - Season 3 - Week 14

Ipswich Town v Barnsley 2-0

Staines Town v Peterborough 0-2

Institute v Linfield 0-3

Chelsea v West Ham United 3-1

Motherwell v Gretna 2-1

Caerfyrddin v Porthmadog 1-0

Central Coast Mariners v Sydney FC 0-2

Wisbech v Ipswich Wanderers (ESB) 1-2

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Re: SM Predict - Season 3 - Week 14

umm, just gone through this weeks SM predict thread and my scores have dissapeared? I definitely did them, I wrote them the day the fixtures were put up for prediction as normal..?

They were:

Ipswich Town 2 v 0 Barnsley

Staines Town 1 v 2 Peterborough

Institute 0 v 3 Linfield

Chelsea 1 v 0 West Ham United

Motherwell 3 v 0 Gretna

Caerfyrddin 1 v 2 Porthmadog

Central Coast Mariners 1 v 2 Sydney FC

Wisbech 0 v 2 Ipswich Wanderers (ESB)

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