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MLS Player Ratings


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Hi. I was just wondering if their is an 'unoffical' rating cap on players in the MLS. I know ages ago when the player ratings where more organised (no disrespect, couldn't think on a different term to use), that leagues had certain caps that players wouldn't go above while playing in that league.

I only ask because i have been looking at a lot of the players in the league, and even the best performing teams from last year dont have many highly rated players (most players average about 80, with about 84 seeming the max).

With the only players being rated higher are the superstars that have arrived from other teams, like Clint Dempsy, Robbie Keane etc.

I understand more parameters can effect the ratings, such as international appearances, but im wondering if maybe its just the fact the MLS hasn't had a player rating update recently, or are the majority of players in the MLS going to cap at at 84 rating?

Thanks for any help.

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