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"Daniel Levy's Worst Nightmare"


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Re: "Daniel Levy's Worst Nightmare"

Will be looking to further elaborate on things later this week' date=' as I've currently got a lot on my plate. Even so, I'd be looking to keep the GW relatively small and coordinated - matter of having people who I know I can work with.[/quote']

2 divs of 8 then. Leagues without promo/relegation are never as fun!

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Re: "Daniel Levy's Worst Nightmare"


Interest list so far:

1. Sir Rahul

2. Keystone

3. Raahizer

4. Huddo

5. Keith Fitz

6. Ben C

7. Kopstar

8. Safir

9. Chrismackz

10. Gozzy

11. Stevie GI

12. TomOwen

13. Mathias X

14. Scrooll



i'm not, lol :P

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Re: "Daniel Levy's Worst Nightmare"

Well then Ani by all means give me credit on the initial post' date=' after all it copies everything within FFP, transfer budgets, wage budgets, objectives, rules, punishments, clauses, bonuses etc...

Essentially it's FFP with a draft at the start and allowing other people to make rules...

I don't happen to think it's more refined though, it's not all calculated in a formulaic manner and I think you'll run into problems with it without adapting, particularly with rules being created by everyone separately. In a complex GW you need a single leader open to suggestions because not everyone will be online to help out. However that would mean making it even more like FFP.

Release clauses too... where I have seen those before... :P

I hope you're not planing on nicking any of my systems for budget and wage calculation without permission too I spent time and effort making them specifically for FFP.

It would have been nice though to be told you were going to copy pretty much everything about FFP before this post though, at least to show a bit of credit and respect where it is due...[/quote']

You are the most arrogant person I have ever had the misfortune to come across on here. I really use to respect you as a person and a forumer, now I just thing you are a huge tail.

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