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"Daniel Levy's Worst Nightmare"

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Bear with me Safir; I first want to check whether everyone is okay with the teams (and terms). In the mean time, I had a look at some of the filter options on Transfermarkt, which includes filtering

Re: "Daniel Levy's Worst Nightmare"

Re: "Daniel Levy's Worst Nightmare" But okay Ben; if you're not keen on putting your name down due to the canniness of it, I perfectly understand.

The thing that is really bothering me right now (and I'm sure quite a few of you will agree) is the current forum activity. However, I have set up a few initial things I'd like to go over and discuss in depth, starting with the team and manager selection: ten teams spread over two divisions (promotion and relegation does keep the setup interesting, as a few mentioned).

The teams are the following: Barcelona (1); Juventus (2); Real Madrid (3); Bayern Munich (4); Monaco (5); Atletico Madrid (6); Paris Saint Germain (7); Porto (8); Arsenal (9); Borussia Dortmund (10); Schalke 04 (11); Chelsea (12); Manchester City (13); Basel (14); Leverkusen (15); Shakthar Donetsk (16); Sevilla (17); Liverpool (18); Valencia (19); Manchester United (20). The first ten teams are in division one, with the others in division two. The selection was made by picking the teams in the knockout stages of this season's CL, with four added entries (Sevilla, Valencia, Liverpool and United).

The managers I went with are the following: Sir Rahul (1); Keystone (2); Raahizar (3); Huddo (4); Keith Fitz (5); Kopstar (6); Safir (7); Gozzy (8); TomOwen (9); Scrooll (10); Closer (11); Noisy (12); Pip (13); Nikidinho (14); Guriynwa (15); Stevie GI(16); Indgy (17); Mathias X(18); Ben C (19) and myself (20). The selection was entirely based on Forum activity (# of posts), and past experiences. Those not listed are first on the waiting list (back up).

The allocation is pretty simple: random draw. Although I don't mind teams being swapped between managers, I don't really want teams to be swapped with ones not listed on the list (e.g. Valencia for CSKA Moscow). I intentionally left out a lot of Italian clubs (bar Juventus) as I felt that, from personal experience, these teams have very low stadium attendances compared to teams from other nations, even if performances are reasonably good. The only team bearing exception to that is Juventus.

Rules and formalities:

A) SQUAD CAP: At all times, every team should have 23 players to their disposal [18 first team players; 5 youth team players]. These players will be the equivalent of "registered players in the competition". Having more than 23 players at any given time will result in an embargo for the club in question, standing until the excess player(s) are sold off. Having less than 23 players will not have any direct consequences, but having fewer players to your disposal is by no means beneficial.

Similarly, of those 23 players, 18 of them should be part of the first team, with the remaining 5 being youth team players. A club can choose to shift that balance in favour of youth (e.g. 17 FT and 6 YT, or 16 FT and 7 YT), but never vice versa, as the youth team will have a significant importance in the upcoming seasons. A bare minimum of 5 players is therefore a must. Bear in mind that youth players are all players under the age of 21, regardless of their rating. For example, Luke Shaw might be your highest rated LB, but because of his age, he'll be a youth team player, despite having the "qualities" of being a first teamer.

Every team starts with empty squads.

B) RATING CAP: Of the 23 players, 20 must be 89-rated or below. The remaining three are the equivalent of "marquee players", and have respective ratings of 90, 91 and 92.

C) DRAFT SYSTEM: Every team is given 300M, of which 200M can be spent in the first season. Due to the "very rich economy" option, and the relatively high stadium attendances (some higher than others, but I'll try to take that in consideration as much as I can), I'd expect every team to pocket at least 20-25M per season, which is reasonably good. The allocation of the funds after the inaugural season will be complementary with the rules composed at the end of the season, and is still to be decided/discussed.

However, the draft system will be carried over every season, with the inaugural season having what you could call "the major draft", and the seasons following having a similar system, but on a smaller scale. Again, using a random draw, teams will first be allowed to pick all their "standard players", and once every team has 20 players, the marquee selection will take place, with the team with the lowest total value having first pick and so on.

It is important to realise that 200M over 23 players accounts to an average of 8.7M per player, which is not that much. So for those looking to pick up the best marquee players there are available, this will definitely play a huge role. It goes without saying that this draft, as an entity, will be on the complex side, and for that reason, I'll be looking to orchestrate this before the GW is set up, so that every manager knows beforehand which players they need to get as soon as the GW opens.

D) TRADE SYSTEM: As far as season one goes, there will be no real trading during the season, as most players will still be under a TB come the end of the season. Ergo, the draft will be the only transfer activity. For the seasons that follow, the draft concept will still stand (as mentioned above), but the way it will be implemented is still to be decided (and will most likely vary from time to time). Ideally, the activity should always be regular (e.g. four drafts [so four transfers] every season, with a draft occurring every four turns (e.g. 3 - 7 - 11 - 15)). However, I'd still love to discuss that in group before coming to any concrete conclusions.

I think it's fair to say that this will be the toughest point of the lot. The element of fun is something that is strongly linked to a free market (e.g. one characteristically present in a FFP). However, fun almost always comes with controversy, and if I had to choose between both, I'd rather go for the latter (or rather the lack of it), which is why I want deals to be as transparent as possible in this GW. So for example, if a certain club wants a player X (internal or external, doesn't really matter), it should be known from the start. I'd rather see a majority vote than have two individuals deal behind backs to get a deal done, and the whole thing erupt once surfaced.

E) "THE BOARD": This is an element that will only become prominent from season two onwards, as I'd like to ensure ultimate objectivity by having a board working with me. Ideally, two other people (one from every division) will help me set up the rules and gather feedback from the others to make sure that no one is treated in a harsh way. This was previously discussed amongst a large set of forumers, and the idea is definitely one I'd like to see implemented over here.

Furthermore, structure wise, I'd like to see the rules maintain a certain (fixed) structure. A template I included earlier in this thread was the ten-point template: every team will have a set of ten points to (ideally) fulfil. These ten points will consist of five rules (MUST DO) and five objectives (CAN DO). The rules would only have a consequence if not fulfilled (negative), with the objectives only having a positive consequence if fulfilled. The generic form is shown below (subject to (severe) alteration):

(1): Rule - Senior player [...] must at least feature # times.

(2): Rule - Junior player [...] must at least feature # times.

(3): Rule - A senior player of rating [...] must be signed from external.

(4): Rule - A junior player of rating [...] must be signed from external.

(5): Rule - The club must finish at least in [...] position.

(1): Objective - If a player scores # goals, the club will be rewarded with [...]M.

(2): Objective - If a goalkeeper keeps # clean sheets, the club gets [...]M.

(3): Objective - If a player gets an average rating of [...], the club gets [...]M.

(4): Objective - If a captain successfully leads his team to # victories, the club will be rewarded with [...]M.

(5): Objective - If any player ends in the top five average divisional performers, the club will get [...]M.

To conclude, I'd like to say that everything mentioned above is open to alterations. Ergo, feedback is most definitely welcome. And to start things off, I'd like to see whether the twenty names listed are still game to enter this setup. So those who are listed, can you please send me a PM with a "yes" or a "no"? Once that is done, team allocation can start.



(1): Sir Rahul

(2): Huddo

(3): Nikidinho

(4): Closer

(5): Gozzy

(6): Safir

(7): Keith Fitz

(8): Keystone

(9): Raahizer

(10): The Scout






(16): AniAniAni

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Ani' date=' any updates on this?[/quote']

Haven't gotten a reply from any others yet - might also be down to the fact that my SM has been partially unresponsive for the past couple of days. Also, I guess forum activity will be increasing in the next two or three weeks or so, with the new season starting, so I'm willing to give others the time until then; before deciding on whether I should pick other names or wait a bit longer.

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Small update on things. As the forum layout seems to have taken a serious toll; I tried contacting the remaining managers through IG PM, with only a few responding, and a couple still needing to confirm their presence. Bearing in mind that we already have nine people (including myself), I might be tempted to make this a two division setup with eight teams (instead of ten), making it easier to manage and launch.

Either way, more updates will be on the way once we're close to a full house.

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